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In what would be a titanic duel between two epic warrior film characters, Greek hero, Achilles and Spartan king, Leonidas, go head-to-head, who do you think would emerge victorious???

Let’s look at the stats!!!


There’s no doubting the fighting skills of Achilles, the ultimate warrior 10/10.

Leonidas is certainly no slouch on the battlefield either, trained in the ‘Agoge’ 10/10.


Hell bent on taking the beach of Troy with 50 men, who could doubt the courage of this ‘lion’? 10/10.

Willing to make the ‘ultimate sacrifice’, the courage here is off the scale 10/10.


In the battle of the biceps and the six-packs, Leonidas just shades it, Achilles 8/10 – Leonidas 9/10.

And of course, one for the ladies – Looks:

Not a bad looking lad??? Oh, go on then 10/10.

Ruggedly handsome… 9/10.

And so how do these two epic warriors match up???

Final scores:-

Achilles = 38/40 – Leonidas = 38/40

It’s a draw.

A fitting tribute to two of the silver screens ultimate warriors.

So, which way do you cast your vote???


The ultimate screen warrior head-to-head, Achilles v Leonidas???


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