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Any person who has ever read some of the Disney fairy tales, before watching any of the movies, knows that "that's not what really happened" is the first sentence that popped inside their head.

As much as I love Disney, I have to admit it creates a picture perfect reality, where everyone lives to see a happy ending, minus the villains that are conveniently and almost neatly written off.

We're all familiar with the queen's fate in Snow White, what really happened to Ariel, how Cinderella's mean sisters ended up, Esmeralda and Quasimodo, Pinocchio, The fox and the hound e.t.c.

Obviously, something changed in our modern way of thinking, since when these stories were made, their sole purpose was to inspire fear in the hearts of children, who would then derive the moral of the story on their own.

So, are we doing good by shielding them from the gruesome reality, or is that just a facade that will shatter later on in life, with devastating consequences? I'd like to believe that kids deserve both sides of the story, why? I recommend a short story called "The Emperor's new clothes" by Hans Christian Andersen.

It's one of my personal favourites, simply because it shows that kids are the only people who are not clenched in the claws of fear when confronted with authority. And now, some centuries later we are the ones teaching these little truth tellers how to lie.

Why are we so paralyzed with fear that a negative outcome, instead of a peachy happy ending may do harm to a kid?

When I was about seven years old, I participated in a writing contest and won a book called "The little match girl" (Hans Christian Andersen again). If you read it you'd know it does not end good, and yet again here I am, not a psycho, not a sociopath, a normal human capable of empathy.

I hope there are others who share my opinion, and if you don't share why not?


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