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Owning the big screen isn't all that this group of actors has to offer. Some have made a long lasting career out of calloused fingers and raspy voices, others took the more alternative route and ran with their own ideas to make them even more influential... and a few should just leave it to the professionals. Complete with live performances of the showmen and women in action, you may learn that there's more to these seemingly one-track ponies.

Kevin Costner & Modern West

3 Days to Kill and The Bodyguard paramount Kevin Costner, established rock/country band Modern West, incited by his wife, commencing a worldwide tour in October 2007. The band released their first album, "Untold Truths" in 2008, peaking at No. 61 in the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. Touring with band 'The Alternate Routes' they released their second album "Turn It On" as a European release only two years later. Their final album to date appeared in 2012 entitled "Famous for Killing Each Other," which was inspired by the History channel's miniseries Hatfileds and McCoys where Costner played William Anderson Hatfield caught in the feud between the confederates and the union in the American Civil War.

Ryan Gosling and Dead Man's Bones

Independent heartthrob Ryan Gosling arose on stage in 2007 with his debut solo album "Put Me in the Car" available for internet release only. In the same year Gosling and his buddy Zach Shields formed the indie rock band Dead Man's Bones, meeting in 2005 when Gosling was dating Rachel McAdams and Shields dating her sister - awkward? The band released their self-titled monster themed theatrical album in 2009 portraying a haunting story with the help of the Silverlake Conservatory's Children's Choir. The album had originally been planned for a musical, however production proved to be too expensive for the star and his team.

Scarlett Johansson

Being one of Hollywood's most sought after actresses and Esquires 'Sexiest Woman Alive' in 2013 wasn't all Scarlett Johansson wanted on her list of attributes. While the blonde bombshell loaned her voice to a few movie title tracks and released a Tom Waits cover album, Johansson released her first solo album "Anywhere I Lay My Head" in 2008, soothing our ears into a 'through the looking glass' daydream which got mixed reviews from the press. In 2009 singer/songwriter Peter Yorn recorded a collaborative album with the actress titled "Break Up", with songs which were inspired by Serge Gainsbourg's duets with Brigitte Bardot.

James Franco

Actor, director, writer, poet, artist - you name it, James Franco's done it! The versatile showman first spoke of his band Daddy in 2012 with the debut of their first single "Love in the Old Days" from the EP 'MotorCity'. Most recently Franco has just released talks of an anticipated new 'The Smiths-inspired' album earlier this month, with producer/composer friend Tim O'Keefe featuring bassist Andy Rourke from The Smiths, so inevitably it would be compatible. Based lyrically on Franco's poems, the album entitled "Let Me Get What I Want" is predicted to do well, however the release date is not yet known.

Russell Crowe

Before the Roman gladiator vocalized his musical talents on 'Les Miserables' it might surprise movie buffs to know that Russell Crowe has been on the rock 'n' roll scene since the 80's. Going by the name of 'Russ le Roq' his first band Roman Antics was formed in 1992 with friend Billy Dean Cochran which later formed into Australian rock band 30 Odd Foot of Grunts (TOFOG) who released three records. Later in 2005 Crowe's band advanced with the collusion of Alan Doyle of Canadian band Great Big Sea, to form new gang The Ordinary Fear of God which also featured members of TOGOF. They went on to release three collaborative albums together including a tribute to Gladiator co-star Richard Harris which featured on their first album "My Hand, My Heart".

Bruce Willis

'Yippee ki-yay motherF&%$&r!' was sadly never an album title for action a-lister Bruce Willis who gave a comically noble effort at transcribing his kick-ass persona into the recording studio. Willis bathed in modest music success with his release of pop-blues album "The Return of Bruno" in the late eighties highlighting hit single "Respect Yourself".He later released follow up Drifters cover "Under the Boardwalk" which debuted at No. 2 in the UK Top 40 seeing the star humbly perform at events including Woodstock. 'Bruno' continued to dance in and out of the studio before returning to what he's loved for, tearing through baddies with weaponry and delivering snappy one liners.

Emma Roberts

'American Horror Story's' Emma Roberts has definitely let her music career and teen role-model figure become a past time, as her solo album "Unfabulous and More" was first disclosed almost ten years ago - and she's only 23! Her 2005 debut album served as the soundtrack to TV show 'Unfabulous' to which she starred in, sadly only reaching the height of no. 46 on Billboard's Top Hotseekers chart. Roberts later contributed to the soundtrack of Disney film 'Ice Princess' in 2005 and 2006 teen flick 'Aquamarine' to which she also starred in. Quoted from a 2007 interview, Roberts admitted to being "focused on movies" stating she "doesn't like people who become 'actor slash singers'. I guess Jared Leto proved her wrong.

Kevin Bacon

Our beloved astronaut and current EE phone network spokesman Kevin Bacon has had promising success with the formation of generation duo band, The Bacon Brothers since 1995 with brother, Michael. With eight recorded albums under their belts, brotherly love has proved rewarding for the Bacon boys touring over America with their self-produced tracks including "Chop Wood (Cary Water)" and "When You Decide You've Stayed Too Long" which featured on the soundtrack for films 'The Woodsman' and 'Red Betsy'. With their most recent work 36¢, the brothers continue their 'lucky streaky bacon' leaving fans with anything but an unsightly buffer face.

William Shatner

Captain Kirk has definitely boldly gone where no actor has gone before, as the treasured Sci-Fi and comedic actor William Shatner emphases 'spoken word' as a musical art form. His 1968 debut album "The Transformed Man" heavily pinpointed the melodramatic speech of the famous Capt. Kirk portrayed in his rendition of "Mr Tambourine Man" and "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds", later performing a memorable 'Shatner translation' of Elton John's "Rocket Man" at the 1978 Science Fiction Film Awards, which has been exhausted in numerous attempts to copy the actors unique and hyperbolic musical adaptations. Shatner's 2004 release 'Has Been" and third 2011 album "Seeking Major Tom" was much to the same effect, until later in 2013 when he joined starfleets with former YES member Billy Sherwood who produced and composed his fourth album "Ponder the Mystery". William Shatner's spoken-word phenomenon will forever be tirelessly humorous and pleasing to all 'trekkies' who follow the actor to "space, the final frontier".

Keanu Reeves

As if saving Sandra Bullock from a bomb-rigged bus wasn't enough swooning material for 90's chicks across the globe, Keanu Reeves also let his fingers do the talking as bassist in grunge band Dogstar. A random rendezvous in a supermarket between Reeves and drummer Robert Mailhouse brought about the band formation in the mid-nineties, later enforcing one Ep and two more albums for the American lads, landing their spot as opening act for Bon Jovi in Australia and New Zealand, also appearing in concerts with David Bowie. The alternative group further recorded a Mr. Big tribute album in 2011 before Reeves' decided to digest the big blue pill and return to his big screen roots.


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