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The Doctor is a famous time traveling mad man in a blue police box. He has been played by 13 different actors(14 if you count peter Cushing) As a timelord he can regenerate into a new man. Here Im couting down the top 13. Now only i enjoy all these regenerations(with theb exception of two) I enjoy some better then others. Please enjoy this, and leave a comment on what you think and list your favorites. Lets begin
(Note number 13 and 12 are tied)

13/12. 6th Doctor Regeneration

Yup, this one isnt a surprise. Colin Baker was horribly mistreated by BBC. He had some very bad stories too. He wasnt even in this scene. It was Slyvester McCoy in a wig. ALso he probably died the worst way....hitting his head.

13/12. 10th Doctor aborted regeneration

Leaving us off on a great cliffhanger. The Doctor is shot, Rose is back, Sarah Jane is cornered, and the Daleks are advancing. Instead of changing the Doctor into his 11th form, they give us a deus Ex Machina. I understand why they did this to give a reason to hodl onto the hand, but this scene just felt like middle finger to the audience. Giving us a amazing build up buit a terrible payoff.

11. 10th Doctor Regeneration

Now, I dont hate the 10th Doctor. He is one of my favorites. he had some epic and great episodes. 42, and Blink are some of my favorites. He had my favortie companion(Donna Noble). But this regeneration had a similar problem witht he aborted one. Amazing buildup...terrible conclusion. Why? "I dont want to go." Now I thought the Doctor seeing his friends and people he loves as a last good bye as him accepting he was going to die. Hell seeing Rose before he died pretty much shows he is ready..but I dont want to go. That line ruined it for me. Another problem I ahve is a plot hole(Doctor who is full of them :P) 10th Died of radiation poisoning, thats why his regeneration was so chaotic. But the 3rd Doctor died of the same thing and his regeneration was chaotic, also the 9th Doctor asborbed the energy from the heart of the Tardis. His regeneration wasnt as bad as the 10th's. Despite its flaws it has a great build up, music, and feels like a end to a era. Also Matt Smith was amazing in this scene

10. War Doctor's Regeneration

I like this one because it felt hoepful. John Hurt did great as the War Doctor. He had great moments, and felt like a tired warrior. I enjoyed his final moments with 10 and 11. We also had a nice call back to the first Doctor, and a nice little nod to the ninth Doctor's ears. My only problem is that they had more scenes to develop him More.

9. Seventh Doctor Regeneration

Slyvester McCoy is my favorite Classic Doctor. His title as The Sad Clown fits perfectly. And this regeneration is one of the creepiest. It feels almost liek a scene out of Frankenstein. The errie music, and the facial expressions. What makes this low on the list? His death....seriously? That is a terrible way for a strategic master mind to go.

8. First Doctor Regeneration

Much like the seventh Doctor's Regeneration. This one is very creepy. With the TARDIS operating itself. and the lighting, gives it a eriee mystic feel. Also its fitting he dies of old age. The First Doctor's main weakness was his age, and it fits he dies this way then say a crash, or being shot.

7. Eigth Doctor Regeneration

I enjoy this one because how unwilling he is to it at First. You can tell he doesnt want to take part in this war, and end worlds. But after seeing the body of the Fallen soldier, and seeing he has no choice now, and how many more innocent lives are at risk, he reluctantly decided to become the Doctor. The line "will it hurt" fits both to the regeneration itself, and the acts he will do as the War Doctor. The music gives it a depressing feelign that he is making the most horrific choice. The biblical reference he makes as many people say the eigth Doctor Resembled, Christ.

6. 3rd Doctor's Regeneration

Despite the Brigadier's witty Remarks, this regeneration is a sad one. The 3rd Doctor's faces his fears, as to him its more important. And the scene with him with Sarah Jane is a sad one. The line "a tear....sarah Jane." Gets me everytime. The music also helps with this scene. What more can I say

5. 9th Doctor Regeneration

This Regeneration has amazing build-up and a great payoff. The Scene where he put the time energy back into the TARDIS, really shows Christopher Ecclestons' body language well. As his eyes glow, you can see all the rage build, and as it releases it feels as if all the rage is gone now. When he his goodbye to Rose, is touching, and you can tell he loves her more then anything.

4, Second Doctor Regeneration

What really gets me about this scene is Patrick Troughten's plea about the evil's in the universe and all the good he has done. Another thing is seeing the Timelords for the first time. The Timelords has been mentioned by the Doctor, we dont know what they can do, but we know the Doctor fears them. This scene they have god-like feel to them, and its really creepy. ALso his begging is really tragic and creepy as he fades away.

3. 11th Doctor's Regeneration

Despite being really quick, this scenes is really touching. The 11th Doctor gave amazing speeches. This is one of his best. The speech shows how ready he is to become a new man. out of all the modern Actor's Matt Smith really showed the Doctor's age, as a tired old man, and this scene is no excetion. I didnt like how they showed Amy Pond, as it somewhat through off the flow, but gave him one last goodbye to the first person who met him as the 11th. Playing the Long song in the backround really fits, as the 11th Doctor can rest now, and the 12th can wake up Also Peter Capaldi's scene is awesome.

2. 4th Doctor Regeneration

Like the tenth Doctor's His death was forshadowed, and this scene is tragic as it feels liek a end to a long era. Seeing all his most notrius foes, and seeing all the companions he loved before he dies is fitting. And the line "This is the end....but the moment has been prepared for" is a sad but hopeful line, and much Like Matt Smith, Tom Baker can really show the Doctor's age as a old man. The music, as the Watcher comes to him, has a mystic and eriee feel that slowly resembles the theme to [Doctor Who](series:200668). I dont know what else to say, as this regeneration is one of the best...well almost

1. Fifth Doctor Regeneration

From one of the best episodes of Doctor who ever, this Doctor makes it at almost everyone's top 5 Doctor's list. He was compasionate, kind, and always wanted another way to solve a problem. He had one cure, andused it on a woman he only just met. He didnt do it for personal gain, or because he had no choice. he did it because its what right. Seeing his companions willing him to live on, and seeing the Master gives the Doctor the will to live. As there is still evil in the universe and he is the only one who has to fight it. Colin Baker's small scene is also neat.

This is my list. I hope you enjoyed them. And like I said besides the 6th and 10th's aborted regeneration, I love all these regeneration. As all the actor's feel like Character before they die, and it is sad to see them go.

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