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Robert Downy Jr is hands down, the coolest guy EVER
Steve Hernandez

What Marvel has done the past decade has redefined a new generation of Moviegoers, and have given its children (including me obviously) a way to connect with their favorite heroes in ways that have never been seen before. I live and breathe Marvel movies, and anyone who does the same can agree, Marvel is the king of the cinema right now, and has given the Superhero a fresh start in cinema.

Those chills you get, when Captain America lands a right cross on a chitauri, or (SPOILER) when Iron Man sacrifices himself and nearly dies to keep that Nuke from obliterating half of Manhattan. Those climatic moments of excitement that make your adrenaline spike up and your mind blow, that is what keeps us wanting more and more. Even Marvel's movie score's and Music leaves you goosebumps that tremble in you skin, (Oh yeah, AWESOME MIX VOL 1!!).

Not only are the films awesome, but the actors/actresses that portray our favorite heroes excite us as well what with Robert Downey Jr's BADASS acting, and Tom Hiddleston's charming yet evil alter ego Loki, we can think of no better people "Suited" for the job.

Watch it there "Tony" this guy is a GOD
Watch it there "Tony" this guy is a GOD

It doesn't matter if your a kid, young adult, or some old guy who went into the wrong theater, every second of these amazing films is enough to hook your attention (at this point, the old geezer's dentures fell when he saw Loki re-appear disguised as Odin in [Thor: The Dark World](movie:206462)).

Sir..This is my seat
Sir..This is my seat

We can all learn a little lesson in each film, and each radiates its own unique sense of enviorment, wether its paranoia and unsettlement in [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973), or just plain good old ROBERT DOWNEY JR BADASSNESS in iron man, we can all relate to our heroes in some way.

If there's anything Marvel Movies have taught me, its to triumph over any odds, learn from our mistakes, and most importantly... some Intergalactic tree organism have better dance moves than John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever

Thank you so much Marvel, for bringing our favorite Heroes to the big screen in the most perfect way possible, and for Illuminating not only my life, but millions of Marvel and Moviegoers hearts all over the world

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