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So today I got to see a movie that the world has been waiting for—Dumb and Dumber To. The long awaited sequel to 1994's hit cult-comedy film, Dumb and Dumber. I saw it a day after it released, so I expected a line: but nowhere near the length of the line that was at my local theater! See, I went to the theater with already sketchy expectations for the film. I didn't think the film would do bad, but I didn't expect it to do anywhere near as good as say, Interstellar.

This was because of two things. 1: The movie is a long-awaited sequel. Long-awaited sequels tend to not do very well, it's just a common thing amongst these types of films. There's just so much hype put around a long-awaited sequel, that by the time the movie comes out, it just can't meet your expectations.

2: The film is a lot like the first. Now don't get me wrong, I loved the first Dumb and Dumber. But comedy has changed a lot since the first film. And just as comedy has changed, taste in comedy has evolved as well. The Farrelly brothers are exceptional Directors and their genius hasn't changed a bit. But that's sort of the reason this movie didn't do so well. They kept the same form of comedy style that the first Dumb and Dumber brought to the plate. And even though the first was hilarious, it's because of this outdated brand of comedy that the movie was a bit droll.

Pictured: The Farrelly Brothers, Peter and Robert Farrelly.
Pictured: The Farrelly Brothers, Peter and Robert Farrelly.

The movie did have it's fair share of laughs, however I feel like there were a lot of jokes in there that to me either weren't very funny or didn't seem like jokes at all. Another problem I thought the movie would have would be age, both the franchise and the actors have aged noticeably since the last D&D (No not Dungeons and Dragons)

The original Dumb and Dumber came out 20 years ago! That's a long time to wait for a sequel. The studio was making a huge gamble with this one. For one, it could be really good, with nostalgic fans returning for more Harry and Lloyd shenanigans. On the other hand however, it could be bad, with either fans hating what the franchise has become and preferring the first Dumb and Dumber—or the new generation of moviegoers not loving this brand of comedy (PG-13 90's esque comedy of course) .

"Did ya miss me?!"
"Did ya miss me?!"

But there is only word I can use to describe Jim Carrey's and Jeff Daniel's performance in this film—PERFECT! I was fearing the worst; thinking that both, having not acted as Harry or Lloyd in awhile, would not be able to do it again after so long. But I was so wrong!

Jim Carrey, though a little older, is wonderful! I do believe he shines best in these types of PG-13 comedies. In this film, he was able to go full out..well...Jim Carrey! Running around like a complete goofball without a care in the world! It's been so long since I've seen a Carrey movie with so much emotion in the acting like Dumb and Dumber To! You could tell by the way his face lit up in every scene that he was in his element.

I haven't seen much of Jeff Daniels since D&D 1, but there's no doubt in my mind that he is still the perfect person to play Harry! This movie, and these actors, really show that age is but a number!

The movie has a pretty solid cast. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels reprise their roles of Lloyd and Harry respectively, while the rest of the cast is rounded up by Laurie Holden (of TWD fame!), Kathleen Turner (Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Monster House), Rachel Melvin (Days Of Our Lives) and Rob Riggle (Ok this guy has been in a lot of good stuff. 22 Jump Street included!) with cameo appearances by Brady Bluhm and Cam Neely, Billy the Blind Kid and Sea Bass from the original Dumb and Dumber!

All in all, Dumb and Dumber To is pretty good. It's a comedic joy ride that, regardless of whether you've seen or are a fan of the first or not, I think you will enjoy. Sure it has it's bad moments, and it's certainly not the best 2014 movie by a longshot, but it's just a great and dumb (by that I mean a movie that's actually trying to be dumb) film that I don't think anyone should miss!


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