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For anyone who likes The Flash Dr. Wells is a suspicious character. First off if you have not seen the show go watch it then come back to this article. For those who don't care about spoilers. Dr. Harrison Wells made a particle accelerator to alter gravity but the experiment caused an explosion making people into "Metahumans" such as Barry Allen aka The Flash.

So the whole premise of the show is that Barry Allen needs to find other Metahumans and stop them if they intend to hurt people. But my theory for [The Flash](series:1068303) is that Dr. Wells got affected by the blast more than just putting him in a wheel chair.

I think that two things may have happened.

1. He got the power of mind control to manipulate his enemies.


2. He has become or was the Reverse Flash, the thing that killed Barry Allen's mother.


What Do You Guys Think? Is Harrison Wells Hiding Powers?


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