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I have watched every second of Supernatural since the show first aired in 2005. Never in a million years though did I think it would reach 11 seasons, and more than 200 episodes, yet, here we are.

200 episodes is no small feat. It's pretty epic, actually and I don't think it could have happened to a better show. There were times over the last ten years where I wondered what they were doing and why, but never once did I question the love and dedication of those involved in making the show.

That is what ultimately made me keep coming back, season after season. In good times and in bad, I have sat in the back of that Impala and traveled thousands of miles with the Winchester boys. I cried when Bobby died, I laughed when Cas went a bit looney. My heart was ripped from my chest each time Dean or Sam died or sacrificed themselves to save the other, regardless of the circumstances or consequences.

But, lots of shows can do that: make you care about characters and whether they live or die. So, I started thinking... why Supernatural? Why did this show, above so many others, make it to that pretty epic number of 200? This is why:

It's Got Character

In what other world does a car have a fan following? Seriously. Outside of the General Lee, I cannot think of another show that featured a car in a way that you think its name should be on the opening credits. 'Baby' is just as much a Winchester as her pilot & co-pilot. If you didn't feel crushed when she got hurt, then we can't be friends.

What other show could take a mix of heroes and villains like a dirty old mechanic, a rebellious angel, a demon, and Lucifer, and make you root for each and every one of them at one point or another? None. Not one. Yet, the writers room of Supernatural does so with amazing ease, which also allows a natural sense of humor to be injected, even when the "feels" make you want to horde a box of tissues.

It's Got 'MetaCanonShipping' Wars

Yeah, you know I am going there. Whether you are a tumblr addict, or you have dared to Google what 'Destiel' means, you cannot be a member of the SPNFamily without having heard about Meta/Canon and which non-couple is being shipped. But, here's the thing: whether you agree or disagree with what and whom are being shipped, it's okay.

Even those within the fandom that don't drive down that lonely road, acknowledge that it's there. Hell, even the show itself has made reference to the crazy notions fans tend to write about in multiple episodes.

It's Got Heart, and a Really Good Sense of Humor

Very few shows are able to go from week to week with an even balance of humor and horror like Supernatural does. Somehow, they can tell a 'monster-of-the-week' story and cause rickets of laughter and playfulness, then turn right around and punch you straight in the gut with some serious situations between the brothers.

In episodes like The French Mistake, The Real Ghostbusters and Mystery Spot, there were plenty of lines that take direct shots at the campy nature of the show and its sometimes ridiculous plots. But, for every joke, there is an equally heart-breaking situation that the brothers must face together, even when life and death are pulling them apart.

There Are Still Monsters To Be Fought.

Even after ten seasons, the Winchester boys are finding and facing new threats. Angels, Demons, Shapeshifters, Vamps, and Werewolves have become easy pickin's for Sam and Dean. Now, with seemingly their biggest foe yet (Yes, even bigger than the Devil himself), I am eager with anticipation to see how it plays out. Season 11's big bad, "The Darkness" will be like nothing they have ever faced before, and because of that, leaves so many possibilities out there for the taking. It gives the show the opportunity to bring back some old fan favorites in ways that may not have been logistical given previous stories.

Regardless of what comes in the next season, I am ready, willing and able to continue to ride shotgun in Baby and help the Winchesters with their family business, even if that happens to continue for eleven more seasons!

Which was your favorite season of Supernatural? Use the comments below or write your own article about it!


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