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Glen A. Larson, the mind behind Battlestar, Magnum, P.I., Knight Rider, has died at the age of 77.

THR reports that Larson passed away Friday night of esophageal cancer at UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica.

With Deadline doing the math here, apparently Quincy, Magnum, Knight Rider and Fall Guy added up to 513 hours of television and 21 combined seasons from 1976 to 1988. Battlestar may have only lasted one season from 78 to 79, but it of course led to Ron Moore's brilliant 2004 reboot.

Larson also created the shows Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Alias Smith & Jones, B.J. and The Bear, Switch, Manimal, and The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo.


Which one did you like the most?


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