BySid Motaghi, writer at

It’s been over a week now since the title of the new installment in the Star Wars saga has been announced. Fans have been eagerly waiting and guessing what the new title could be and amazingly it’s been revealed that one fan actually did predict the correct title for this movie on a forum 2 YEARS AGO. Now that we have the official title what are my thoughts?

Well, I have mixed feelings over this title. Is this title suitable for a Star Wars story? Yes. Does it hold true to the spirit of the other 3-4 word titles in the saga? Yes. Does the title give us an idea of what story we are going into but still being vague enough as to not reveal too much like some of the other Star Wars titles? (The Phantom Menace, A New Hope) Yes. But is this title a good title for the movie? That’s where I wonder. The Force Awakens is just not a very original title. To me it sounds like this title would fit better for a Star Wars video game or even a novelization and/or comic book. Basically for any other Star Wars media this title could work better as the nature of the title is gripping for Star Wars, much like Shadows of the Empire was marketed as a multimedia Star Wars event back in its heyday. Shadows of the Empire was a video game on Nintendo 64, two graphic novels including the original and a sequel, and novelization. Now that the title The Force Awakens has been slapped on to the new feature film, I feel as though this title is bored with itself. We already know the Force is returning. We already know Luke Skywalker is reorganizing the Jedi Order and religion. It’s bound to happen since this is a sequel trilogy to the original and all of the cast members on the “light side” are confirmed to be returning. So why does this have to be called The Force Awakens? I hope JJ Abrams delivers us a strong, memorable movie despite such an unoriginal title because after all, what movie to revive a franchise could be more important than this one?


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