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What is it?

Arkham Knight is the newest entry in the popular Arkham series developed by Rocksteady Studios. It is described as a third-person open world action/adventure game where you play as Batman trying to save [Gotham](series:1127075) City from various supervillains such as Two-Face, Penguin, Scarecrow, and a slew of other villains including the brand new titular character, the Arkham Knight.

What happened so far


Where do I even start? The first Arkham game took you to Arkham Asylum. Where Batman stopped the Joker and other villains from escaping. During the game, Joker had a special steroid, much like the Venom that Bane uses. This steroid, called “Titan” enhanced a person’s strength and toughness. This is what ultimately catapults the series into Arkham Knight. At the end of Asylum, Joker ends up taking this steroid which turns him into a hulking monster. Batman defeats him with ease and all is well until the next game takes place.

Fast forward to Batman: Arkham City. A lot has happened since the events of Asylum. An obsessive psychologist named Hugo Strange, along with the help of Quincy Sharp (Warden of Arkham Asylum) have created a large prison located in the heart of Gotham. Called Arkham City, this place gives the villains freedom to do whatever they please as long as they don’t take action against the outside world. Without spoiling most of the major details, Batman has to monitor and stop the villains amidst the chaos that soon envelops the prison. How this affects the next game happens in the very end. The Joker ends up dying at the hands of an illness that has affected him as a side affect of his Titan overdose previously in Arkham Asylum.

This is where Arkham Knight begins. One year after the Joker’s death a trio of villains have united to spread fear and chaos around the entire city and Batman must stop them. Only this time the villains are being backed by a mysterious militarized version of Batman. Known only as the Arkham Knight, he goes against everything that Batman stands for. Mocking his code that he goes by and donning an advanced suit equipped with all sorts of firearms. The Knight also seems to know a lot about Batman. Holding a grudge against the Caped Crusader for reasons unknown. With his private military and drones along with Scarecrow’s fear toxin, Gotham has been evacuated and taken by the villains.

The Arkham Knight
The Arkham Knight


The Arkham series has been praised for many of its gameplay aspects. One of the most widely renowned features of the game is its combat. Combat is highlighted by Batman’s free-flowing style, chaining punches and kicks into high hit streaks with a huge amount of combos and counter. Combine this with Batman’s extensive gadget arsenal and you have one of the best and most addictive combat systems of the generation. The game also implements stealth very well, Batman often has to hide on gargoyles or sneak around to incapacitate his foes. Using his gadgets and stealth he can easily take down groups of well-armed thugs. The game also has a wide variety of content. Side missions are a nice addition and they often advance the plot of the game even more so than the campaign. There are also many hidden Riddler collectibles throughout the games. You can solve riddles and collect Riddler Trophies leading to the capture of the Riddler himself if you find them all.

New Features

The newest feature in the game would have to be the Batmobile. At any time Batman can summon it and drive around catching criminals and collecting Riddler Trophies in racing missions. The map size is now five times bigger according to Rocksteady to that leaves plenty of room to cruise and glide around in. The Batmobile can also enter combat mode to take down vehicles and drones. Rocksteady has also improved upon the combat system, with Batman now being able to fire his gadgets while in the air. He will also drop whatever he is doing in a combat situation to counter his opponents with the counter button in addition to being able to counter three enemies at once. Fear Takedowns have also been added to allow Batman to take down up to three enemies quickly. All of these new features are a welcome addition to the franchise including the absolutely stunning new graphics. Just see the gameplay for yourself!

The Batmobile in driving mode
The Batmobile in driving mode

Batman: Arkham Knight is scheduled to be released on June 2nd, 2015.


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