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Since DC's New 52 reboot in 2011, Superman and Batman have been compared relentlessly. Most recently in Batman: Endgame, Part 2, Batman has to (spoilers!!!) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Ok, has to fight Superman and ultimately defeats the [Man of Steel](movie:15593) with kryptonite. Mind you, the Joker was controlling Superman in the comic, which meant that it wasn't a B v S fight-where the two might cross paths in their own right minds.

Recent evidence from the set of Dawn of Justice, however, seems to have annoyed many fans. "We're getting Bruce's parents deaths AGAIN?" Honestly, I believe we still are yet to see a definitive version of what the comics perfectly set forth. I believe with every Batman story (Gotham, Nolan-Batman, Burton, etc) we need to see their interpretation of what makes him Batman. If you want Batman in your movie, show why he's Batman. Just for one scene if that's all you'll do. But just show the tragic death of his wonderful parents-it gives Alfred his whole purpose and extra compliance to the whole Batman idea at all as well, let us not forget. Alfred is a human being too. But now to the good stuff---

Totally awesome!!!
Totally awesome!!!

In a wonderful and creative Batman/Superman New 52 comic I read, the two heroes were shown side by side-origins, growing up, all through a wonderful page or two of art. And a long time ago in a Gotham far far away, Jeph Loeb, before jumping over to Marvel, created several Superman/Batman stories (erg, sounding it out with Superman first sounds grammatically incorrect; B comes before C in the alphabet-but I am wandering.) and to begin, he showed the two origins of the heroes side by side, with dialogue from each man as he told his story. It seems like [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) might just give us a taste of Batman's past-but in a new way. They might juxtapose his past with Superman in this movie, and admit it, we've all wanted to see these guys in the same movie for a long time, so bringing a new origin/life to Batman with Ben Affleck and Zack Snyder is totally awesome!

Slowly and dramatically weaving Batman's story around the continuation of Superman's and the introduction of some new DC heroes is great, and makes for one hell of a treat. Dawn of Justice seems more and more every day I hear about it to me like [Argo](movie:46573) in a way-it seems like a thorough, well-planned EPIC, due to the scale and characters of new mythology, somewhat bigger than Argo. Now, epics like the Odyssey and Aeneid were great in ancient times, but Ben Affleck has said himself these characters and stories are the new mythology for the world today. They work the same way---superheroes show how to better oneself, and the villains reflect the evil and wrong sides of us that we would want to dispose of rather than embrace.


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