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I was inspired to write this article (my first by the way) after reading another one about who they thought would die. My idea is based from the comics where before Civil War, in House of M to be specific, my favorite character dies. That character is none other than

The Archer himself
The Archer himself

Yes Hawkeye. In the comics Scarlet Witch (who is appearing in the movie) lost control of her powers of altering reality, causing the death of Clint. In the middle of the war though out of no where he reappears, searching for answers. And who does he turn to for answers, none other than Doc Strange, whose also getting a movie. This is just an idea of mine. Maybe Hawkeye could come back in [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409) or at the end of Strange. Not that i would enjoy losing my favorite comic hero of all time even for a short time but I would be ok with it if he came back as Ronin, another one of his personas. I don't think they will probably go with this because we all know they aren't following the comics so Hawkeye could be a major part of Civil War from the start. But i would enjoy Wanda losing control of herself and the end of the movie, being maybe another major step towards the War. She could cause pain at the loss of a teammate, putting a rift in the Avengers. Maybe there could be loss of civilians' lives, maybe a replacement Stamford event. This is all just my opinion, no facts on the movie just thought it was a cool idea after reading some of New Avengers.

This is my first article leave comments on what you thought. Maybe I will write more if I some positive feedback. Thanks for reading.


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