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Hello my adoring fans! *sounds of a cricket chirping in the background* Shut up cricket I know you think I'm overrated!

Ahem, anyway hello and welcome to the first in a series of previews I'm doing here on MP. I know that this formatting tool is named and used for reviews, but I see no harm in using the tool for a slightly different yet all around similar purpose.

So, let's get started shall we?

Now since this a preview and not a review, I can't very well tell you how I felt about the movie, having not seen it. But what I can tell you are my views and thoughts on how the movie may be, and how I feel about it in a personal sense. So you could either listen to my views, or you could deem them pointless and stupid and throw them away into the fiery pits of judgement currently residing in the seventh gate of the internet underworld! The latter seems to be a popular one, but I'm hoping that a few of you will go for the underdog choice.

Fantastic Four is a franchise that everyone knows well. It's what made Marvel what is today. Sure there were stories of Captain America beating the snot out of Nazi's and Japanese Generals with his shield and a fresh can of 'Murica long before Fantastic Four's debut, but it wasn't until the first FF issue that Marvel became a household name and the king of American comics.

Marvel has been trying to make a successful Fantastic Four film for a very long time. There was the 1994 film adaption [The Fantastic Four](movie:34667), but it was never released to theaters or home video, only by bootleg distributors. It was even accused of being an ashcan copy, or a film that was made simply to maintain the film rights. As to be expected, that movie did very bad. Though it was never actually mentioned, I'd like to think one of the reasons was that low budget scary looking Thing costume.

Dear God!
Dear God!

Then after that was Fantastic Four (2005) and it's sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surver(2007). Though both of those movies did pretty well, much much better than their 1994 predecessor, they still didn't make a lot of money; being panned by critics for being too "goofy", "mediocre" and too heavily reliant on special effects. Basically they seemed more like mid-budget parodies of Fantastic Four.

The reboot of the Fantastic Four film franchise (or FFFF!) is being accused of the same thing that the 1994 adaption was accused of, being an ashcan copy. You see, the news of a new FF film came as sort of a surprise to everyone. First there were rumors of a sequel to Rise of the Silver Surfer being made, and the guys behind RotSS expressed their desire to make a Silver Surfer spin-off film. But unfortunately due to the bad box-office sales and performance, both of those projects were put on infinite hiatus. With that, everyone for awhile just assumed Marvel would retain the rights to any FF films a year later.

Then suddenly 20 Century Fox announces plans to reboot the franchise starting with a new film in 2015. So is it an ashcan copy? Well all depends on how hard 20 Century Fox is working to make this movie. How hard are they working? Well to figure that out, we'll have to look at a few things about the film itself. First off, we need to look at...

The Cast!

In order to make a good movie, you first need a good cast; that's especially true for movies based on licensed properties. You can't just cast any Adam or Eve or Dick and Jane (True story, I know absolutely zero people with those names) as a superhero. They have to look and act like the part! For instance, you can't cast John Leguizamo (sorry if I butchered your last name Johnny) as Loki. Loki's an asgardian, not a guy who definitely may or may not totally possibly be half Puerto Rican...maybe.

He did play a pretty mean Clown in Spawn though.
He did play a pretty mean Clown in Spawn though.

The four people you see above are (in order from left to right) Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell. They're set to play (again, left to right order) Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic, Susan Storm/Invisible Woman, Johnny Storm/Human Torch and Ben Grimm/The Thing.

Now the most obvious problem with the cast is their age. The Fantastic Four are just a little older than these guys. Well, Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan are pretty much the right age for their characters; but Miles and Jamie just look a little too young in my opinion. Of course that's not too much of a problem. As long as they stay true to the characters attributes and personalities than I guess it doesn't matter if they're a little bit younger. What I'm fearing is that they might go the Lex Luthor/Jesse Eisenberg way of things.

See DC announced a while back that Jesse Eisenberg would be Lex Luthor in the new Batman V. Superman movie. Jesse is a great actor, I love Now You See Me and 30 Minutes or Less, but I just don't see him as Lex. What's worse is that he's being described as a "young, Steve Jobs like inventor". I really don't think turning Lex Luthor from a powerful businessman to a young, hipster innovative inventor is the way to go. Then again, I was at first against the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman, but after seeing all the pictures of him as the Dark Knight I'm all for it!

I just hope that Fox stays true to these characters. Keep Reed Richards a struggling scientist with a huge leadership ego. Keep Susan the voice of reasoning who seems innocent until you mess with her or the ones she loves. Keep Johnny the egotistical "hot-head" ladies man with a knack of getting in to trouble and keep Ben the tough guy with the clobberin attitude! But at the same time the sweet guy who always protects his friends!

As long as you do that, and the actors can pull it off, you've got a great cast. Next we should look at...

The Story!

The Fantastic Four reboot film is reportedly being based in part on the Ultimate Fantastic Four line of comic books. I've never read any of the UFF comics, but I did some research. According to Ultimate FF, it seems we might actually see some change in character roles and personalities after all. Reed, though still leader, no longer takes leadership duties as automatically as he did in the original FF run, instead Sue is the most head-strong and assertive member of the team, giving orders to the other members during a battle. Ben is no longer Reed's college friend, but instead his grade school friend. This doesn't change much about him, it just means he's not as smart as Reed and needs to have some science explained to him. Johnny's pretty much still Johnny.

Oh Johnny, you lovable scamp!
Oh Johnny, you lovable scamp!

They all actually look a little younger than they're mainstream counterparts, so perhaps the casting wasn't too out there in age range after all. So what storyline will they be taking from the Ultimate line of FF comics? Well according to sources, none of them. The movie is reportedly going to feature it's own original story-line, nothing we've seen in the comics. This could be good or bad, depending on how well the plot is. This means that they're mostly using the Ultimate FF comics to base their characters off of, not their plot.

However, an original plot could work for this. Something new and fresh that isn't just a rehashed live action telling of a comic story could be good for the comic book movie industry, and even force some comic book movie makers to come up with new and innovative ideas for future films.

Of course, the plot will have to be good to make that kind of staple. And there's only one way to assure the movie has a good plot. You need to have a good..


Don't you just love my topic transitions?

Anyway, a good cast makes a movie good, but a good crew makes a movie. Makes sense?

When making a movie, you want someone who you know can make it perfect. Just like the cast, you can't just hire anybody! You need someone who will capture what you envision the movie being like. You need a director that will make the movie exactly how you pictured in your head, but at the same time be able to bring to the plate new and interesting ideas; for 20th Century Fox, that director is Josh Trank.

Josh Trank (pictured above) is not a household director name yet. He's not yet up there with the big guys like J.J. Abrams, Steven Spielberg or Joss Whedon. But he did direct the 2012 hit Chronicle and is set to direct an untitled stand-alone Star Wars film in 2018! So he's getting there. I think Josh is a great director and has proved with Chronicle that he knows how to handle super hero films. The biggest fear everyone had when he was announced as the director was that Fantastic Four would become a found footage film, much like Chronicle. Luckily, Josh has dispelled those rumors.

Next we have the producers. Simon Kinberg, you may have heard his name if you're a fan of the X-Men movies from Last Stand and up, of which he was the writer for all of them except First Class, where he was merely a producer. He also wrote for Sherlock Holmes (the one with Tony Stark, not Diddlywick Hashlepack) and for Disney's big hit Big Hero 6! He's set to produce and write the new Fantastic Four film.

The amazing Matthew Vaughn is also set to produce this film. You may know him from his many notable works including X-Men: First Class, X-Men DoFP, Kick-Ass and the upcoming action film Kingsman: The Secret Service! He's an awesome addition to the crew.

The story is being handled by Jeremy Slater and Josh Trank. Jeremy will also be joining Simon Kinberg to write the screenplay.

So The Fantastic Four (2015) has a pretty good cast, though they're young and an odd choice to play the four heroes, they are great actors with lots of credibility behind their name—so you can be sure they will take this seriously. Then there's the crew, which has some exceptional and familiar faces! The director may be young and new but he's no amateur. And the writers and producers are seasoned veterans in their own rights!

So will the new FF film be good? Well to know for sure, we'll have to see it in 2015! For now, I predict it will do very good as a movie in general, but might not fare well as a comic movie. It all depends on how well they treat these characters, and remember that these guys have literally millions of fans who just want to see them done right.

I give it a 7.5 for now, but my rating could change once I see it 2015.

That's it for now! See ya later! can go's getting awkward.


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