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By now you should know that marvel will have a third phase,in other words,there will be another 10-11 new movies.Phase 2 was pretty cool,it started out good and ended out amazing,in my opinion just because of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY,but there was a few more movies like Iron man 3,or even Thor 2.In phase three,we should probably expect new films,new enemies,and new story-lines.

Phase three will include:Guardians of the galaxy 2 in theaters 5.5.17---Thor:Ragnarok in theaters 7.28 .17---Black Panther in theaters 11.3.17---INHUMANS in theaters 11.2.18---Civil war:captain america in theaters 5.6.16---Doctor Strange in theaters 11.4.16---Captain America in theaters 7.5.15 all of these movies are confirmed and will probably be awesome and there is one more film(actually two films in one):Avengers:infinity war part one:May,2018 and part two:May,2019,this film will hopefully include thanos,a battle of him and marvel heroes and the infinity stones.The film that is being made as we speak,is AVENGERS 2:AGE OF ULTRON. Most have already seen a trailer of the film and i think it looks awesome!!!

The trailer included a lot of new "things' including Vision,Ultron,Quick-Silver and Scarlet witch,and the "hulk buster" iron-man suit.The thing i'm most excited about is probably the new enemy: Ultron,a robot created for peace for man-kind and was created by iron-man,and creates a mad of his own and rebels against man-kind.Now i don't really know much about Ultron but from what i know,he seems like a bad-a**

But anyways,marvel seems to be going on a path of perfection,and will,once again,hopefully make a LOT more money.We hope for a lot more cool movies,a lot more super cool enemies,and a lot of scenes with,the man of all men,Stan Lee.But with all this information covered,what are YOU most excited for in the new phase in marvel???


what are you most excited for in the third phase in marvel???


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