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So, I'm sitting on a plane about to take off when the pilot comes on the speaker giving his daily routine about the fly over. Once he's done he sets down his mic but leaves it on accidentally. So over the speakers you hear the pilot say to the co-pilot " Man I need a blowjob and a cup of coffee right about now". So the stewardess immediately reacts and begins sprinting down the aisle towards the cock pit and I scream from the back "Hey, remember to get the coffee!" Now many of you probably know that's a great joke from s movie titled Good Will Hunting. I re-watched that movie tonight and it got me thinking about movies in general. The way they make you feel inside. I feel many of us today have lost that feeling with what we ask for in the movie world today. We pay for whatever movie Hollywood spits out at us and feel nothing but regret for the $10 we just dropped on that worthless film. Now this is not saying every movie coming out is crap, just a good majority of them. I want that feeling again from that you gained something after watching a movie, you learned a lesson or used it in relevance for struggles you may be having in day-to-day life. I want to see movies making me start thinking again, about my own life or events in my life. It's hard typing what exactly I'm trying to get at here but I know someone out there will understand where I'm coming from. I live in a boring town where movies were my only escape. A few hours of someone else's life or events that would take me away and let me feel everything ourprotagonist feels, and most cases leave me yearning for more once the movie was over, to continue that adventure or journey. That feeling that a nobody like me, could be a some body, I could find love, I could be the big hero that saves everyone, or I could be the one who overcomes every failure and ends up the big man. But movies aren't doing that for me anymore, yeah theres been great films out and huge superhero flix but nothing that truly captured me like the movies once did. I wish that could change, I wish it would change, I wish I could be the one to usher in the next great era of movies but those are all wishes. Once those credits roll up, and the lights come back on you realize it's just another movie. You go back to your normal life, and you see the movie again and it's the exact same plot, same story line, but you still get that feeling inside like your life is meant to change and it's going to get better, you're ready to take that big leap and ask for that promotion, or ask the pretty girl from class out. That's the feeling I'm talking about. That feeling that nothing is impossible, that you have your own story to live out, your own heroic deeds to do. What happened to those movies? Where are they now?


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