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William Tockman, the Clock King, is a not-too-well-known villain who is utterly obsessed with keeping to a schedule and staying on time. This makes him one of the greatest strategists in the DC Universe, having every piece of his plan thought out to the second. While not a physical presence, nor even a face we should see too much in the film, the Clock King should be one of the pivotal members of the [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363) film.

The reasoning is this: Sure, it would be fun to watch Deadshot blow a few holes through some expendable folks, or watch Harley smash up a goon or two with a hammer, but the Suicide Squad does need some order to it. The squad's missions should require the team to remain covert, at least to an extent, so that Amanda Waller's illegal activities are not exposed. This means there cannot just be a rampage of killing. We need something more discrete!

We should see Clock King only a few times: at the start, in our introduction to the characters (perhaps even a scheme of his in the past, if they could throw, say Batman, in there for a forty five second clip, that would be amazing), and a few clips of him in the controls during the mission. Throughout much of the rest of the movie, however, we should hear his voice in the ears of squad members. This also opens up a whole new idea the filmmakers can exploit. The Suicide Squad is made up of villains who, for the most part work alone, and quite a few probably would not be too excited to be taking orders from some guy who is in no danger himself. This can lead to breaking from his schedule and creating tension in the team, overall adding to the quality of the film.

Robert Knepper's Clock King from Arrow
Robert Knepper's Clock King from Arrow

The point is, if the Clock King is not a part of this film, it would probably be fine as far as action films go, but a great opportunity to make this into something more along the lines of the Oceans films - or even Inception - would be missed. Now, that is not to say this movie will be without intelligence. There are plenty of other strategically sound villains out there. I do hope though that Lex Luthor and the Riddler are spared from membership to the Squad, as I feel that should be reserved for the smaller villains.


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