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When actress Carol Ann Susi - best known for her portrayal of Mrs. Wollowitz on The Big Bang Theory - passed away last week, the internet mourned.

Susi, who had also featured in countless other TV shows over the years, including the legendary Seinfeld, will obviously be missed by millions across the world, especially when, soon, we see a world in which The Big Bang Theory is without her iconic voice.

For those involved in the production of the show, though, that absence is clearly already all too horribly real. At the end of the most recent episode of the show - the first broadcast since Susi's untimely death - the series honored its lost colleague with this touching tribute:

The shows stars, though, took to social media to mourn their friend in their own ways.

Kaley Cuoco Opened Up on Facebook

Melissa Rauch Gave Thanks for Knowing Susi

Mayim Bialik Shared a Heartbreaking Image on Instagram

With the following caption:

"Beloved Carol Ann Susi passed away, yes. The voice of Mrs wolowitz. Oh Carol Ann."

John Ross Bowie Shared This Image

Wil Wheaton Kept it Restrained, but Real

Executive Producer Bill Prady Chimed in With This:

But the most heartbreaking response of all came when...

Kunal Nayyar Broke All Our Hearts

All of which just reinforces the fact that - so, so tragically - Carol Ann is no longer with us.

How did you guys respond when you heard the news, though? Let us know below...



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