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With the upcoming Ricki and the Flash HBO film, alongside the new musical Into the Woods, we delve into essence of why Meryl Streep rocks so much.

There are numerous answers to this question I am sure, lets pass by all the life-time awards and wittingly funny acceptance speeches and bare it down to what her job actually is...acting.

Now in Hollywood there are a numerous amount of actors and actresses to choose from, so what separates Meryl Streep from the rest?

Is it the fact she's the most nominated actress/actor in the history of the world?

Is it the fact she's had the longest publicly praised career in the acting industry?

These are all nothing but by-products of the true reason why Meryl Streep is a living acting legend.

Acting is as she say's, a vessel to tell other people's stories. But what separates Meryl from the rest?

It is the fact that, she is a character actor (at heart) that is usually put in pivotal and leading roles.

Now I am not saying that the roles played by character actors aren't important or pivotal towards a film, but when you put someone who has the finesse, and the fine eye of detail (that character actors have) put into a prominent role, you are more bound to receive more Oscar nominations, and gain wider approval (if executed properly.)

But what is a character actor?

The term ranges... some would say an actor who specializes in supporting/minor roles, to somebody who is "almost unrecognizable from part to part, and yet play many, many roles convincingly and memorably". (Thanks Wikipedia)

My favorite character actresses/actors of all time are Helena Bonham Carter and Jim Broadbent, who have performed well in so many great films, without attracting attention.

So by putting a character actor put into a leading role, you have planned acting, active acting. In comparison to that of a typical "super-star" which is the term I use for actors that play themselves basically in every film they do, or at least the same character.

Such people would be Jack Nicholson, or Christopher Walken.

Who in their own right, are brilliant actors and have provided very solid material, winning Oscar recognition as well.

In fact Meryl has kind-of become her own form of a "super-star" where a toned down role wouldn't suit her. Where she is forced to play grand roles, and if they aren't grand, you can bet the millions of "Streepers" will talk it up to be one.

No matter, Mrs Streep has achieved some sort of acting enlightenment, even she doesn't know it.

New Meryl Streep movies coming out are: Into the Woods, Suffragette, and Ricki and the Flash


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