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Johnny Depp has continued his quest to be the ultimate rock 'n' roll uncle of showbiz by getting as wasted as humanly possible on the free bar at the Hollywood Film Awards. Hurrah!

Depp staggered on stage to deliver the Hollywood Documentary Award to his 'dear friend' Shep Gordon, but from the moment he appeared on camera, it was clear that the 51-year-old actor had been hitting it hard throughout the evening.

As someone who struggles to stay copus mentis through any long, boring event that also includes wine, I can totally empathize with Depp's sobriety failure and it was way more entertaining to watch than the original polished speech would be!

So, let's have a look at the best parts before viewing the somewhat shaky speech below!

"That's the Weirdest Mic I've Ever Seen in my Life"

Says the seasoned actor to the run-of-the-mill mic.


Bravely Soldiering On

When Depp mumbles "I'm not very good at this sort of thing," I am going to assume he means making any sort of sense. Also, bonus points for that on-point wonky drunk leg action.


Shep Gordon Looks Thrilled!

How could you not be touched by the heartfelt words of "I have been very very bleueghygf... lucky to have in my life."

Poignant, man.


Hold on Tight, Johnny!

Something tells me Depp might have previous award-dropping trauma in his life...

But, drunk Depp is obviously best viewed in action, so get ready to feel a bit tipsy when you watch the video below!

Depp, if you are waking up with a hangover and a belly full of shame this morning, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone in you public wasteyface-ery.

I mean, look at the state of these guys!

Elizabeth Taylor

The late great Elizabeth Taylor teaches the young whippersnappers how slurring is really done... It's just a shame they didn't teach her how to operate a digital screen in return!


Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg loves complimentary wine, but hates nurses and listening properly. Fact!


Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez was the height of professionalism at this Moscow event. To be fair, at least she can identify an appropriate venue to get wasted in though!


Oliver Reed

Presented without comment.


Would you get wasted at an award ceremony?

(Source: Elite Daily)


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