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Ever since season 4 of HBO's much loved fantasy drama Game of Thrones ended, fans have been eagerly awaiting their next opportunity to return to the mythical continents of Westeros and Essos. Now that possibility is a reality!

The Twitter account lifelower has leaked a number of unofficial screenshots that appear to be taken from the upcoming video game adaptation of the show. Though the authenticity of the images has not yet been confirmed, they certainly look impressive, and akin to the traditional art-style used by developer Telltale Games. Take a look!

The Ones We Know



and Margaery...

The Ones We Might Know

Wait, is that Ramsey?

And the Ones We Probably Don't Know

Even though that looks an awful lot like Jaime...

Only way younger...

So these...

Seem to be new supporting characters...

What do you guys think, though?

Honoring the Show

The game will be split into six episodes, the first of which is titled Iron From Ice and is due for release before the end of this year! Each episode is set to run concurrently with the TV series, spanning from the end of Season 3 till just prior to Season 5's beginning. This is extremely exciting news, meaning the game will prime fans perfectly for the show's return, quelling your Thrones obsession until it returns to screens next year!

Fans will also be pleased to hear that Telltale Games are taking great care to honor the original source material, working directly with author George R. R. Martin's personal assistant, Ty Corey Franck.

So What's it All About?

Though the game will take place alongside the events of the TV show, players will take control of a House viewers are not so familiar with - the House of Forrester. Interestingly, the Forrester family do appear in Martin's book, A Dance with Dragons, and are found in a fortress called Ironrath in the north of Westeros.

Similar to Telltale's other adventure games, players will decide the Forresters' fate by making decisions that affect the characters and story. Speaking in an interview with IBT, the senior vice president of publishing, Steve Allison, reiterated that:

we're taking that multi-protagonist design even further with five playable characters from the same family whose choices affect everyone in the family, and that adds a whole new layer to things that we're really excited about.

If it truly does play like an episode from the series, but with you deciding the outcome, then it's set to be a real treat for fans and gamers alike.

The game will launch by the end of this year on iOS, Mac, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


How do you think the leaked images look?


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