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He’s a tricky one, is Jason Statham. Whilst I do look forward to hearing him converse with Vin Diesel (which I can only assume will sound like two cement mixers being left unattended in an empty garage) right before they cave each others shiny heads in for Furious 7, I do miss his Lock, Stock and Snatch days. The days when he was the new cockney-rhyming, barely smiling geezer on the block who depended on acting his way out of a scene rather than using some no-necked henchman to chuck through it. Will we ever see those days again? Considering that he’s just put his name down for a sequel to one of previous punch/kick/shoot-em-up extravaganzas, not likely.

Variety brings the news that the man who pummels men into the ground and gargles with broken glass will be reprising his role as The Mechanic in Mechanic: Resurrection. If you cast your mind back, you might recall the first instalment saw Stath as a retired gun-for-hire who comes back out of hiding for one last job. Unfortunately some large amounts of unmentionable stuff is thrown at a fan, Stath kicks and shoots and growls his way out of danger right before something explodes behind him and he’s too much of a hard case to take a glance. Yes, I did just describe every Statham-starring film in recent years, but this one starred Ben Foster. Ah there you go, remember now?

So Resurrection then? Well, this time bets are that Mr. Statham will play a retired gun-for-hire who comes out..well, you get the point. He’ll be joined by Jessica Alba and Tommy Lee Jones, the latter of which will no doubt teach our lad how to deliver a stare so deadpan it can cause Ark of the Covenant-like headplosions. Great stuff.

Lionsgate are backing the gig and it’ll be directed by Dennis Gansel. Expect it to be blowing up your screens January 22, 2016.


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