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The Vampire Diaries big boss might be totally au fait with penning our favorite characters, but how well will she fare in her directorial debut?

The executive producer shared her excitement about the big event on Twitter on Thursday, and her loyal legion of followers were quick to respond with their own personal wish lists.

But, what exactly do the fans want?

Let's have a plough through the reasonable and the ridiculous on Twitter and find out, before we take a moment to reflect on what we want when the big boss gets behind the camera.

The Reasonable

Well quite right, Travis. And, who better to do the job than the woman who helped write the conundrum!


It is about time really!


While this isn't exactly reasonable... It is kind of plausible.


The Ridiculous

Obviously, the musical effort of Buffy is my favorite, so I'm not entirely opposed to this!


I know it can be tempting sometimes Amira, but has she really been that bad this season?!


I really hope this is a joke, but knowing some fans, possibly not!


Oh please, Damon would never get married!


Maybe I'm not a particularly demanding fan, but I don't really have a huge amount of requests for Ms. Plec.

Seeing as she is the overarching big boss of [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) and [The Originals](series:833141), I'm kind of hoping this could be the moment for another crossover, but after Dobrev's trip into New Orleans maybe I'm being too optimistic.

What do you guys want from Julie Plec's directorial debut?

Sound off in the comments below, and if we're lucky, she might just take a peek!


Do you have high hopes for Julie Plec's directorial debut?

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