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Now, with all the rumors flying about the (possibly) soon to be released trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, it's no surprise that everyone here at Moviepilot is...well, pretty darned excited.

The thing is, though - we might just have a trailer to alleviate the pain of waiting a little bit longer in the shadows. Sadly, it's not a secret The Force Awakens trailer, but it is something almost as awesome.

Specifically, a modern re-cut of The Empire Strikes Back, which has been transformed into the format of a newfangled, J.J. Abrams-style trailer by fan Cameron Arrigioni.

Which, predictably, is totally awesome:

So, we're talking...

Impending Doom in Villainous Form

Because EVIL.

Awesome Visual Fades


Bad-Ass Dialogue Cues

Because YOU WILL BE.

Boba Fett, Front and Center

Because BOBA FETT.

And, of course...

An Epic Title Card

Because The Force Awakens may or may not be a cool title, but The Empire Strikes Back most certainly is...

What do you guys think though?


Loving the new Empire trailer?

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