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Sad news for fans of legendary science fiction, action and detective shows - one of TV's legendary producers, Glen A. Larson, has passed away.

Larson, who was responsible for the classic shows Battlestar Galactica, Knight Rider, Magnum, P.I. and Quincy, M.E., passed away on Friday night, after complications relating to esophageal cancer.

Having written for and created so many classic shows, Larson had long since become a legend in Hollywood - particularly for Battlestar and Knight Rider, which have both been revived since his original versions, with varying degrees of success.

Larson was, however, more than a TV producer, having been a successful musician in the 1950s with the band The Four Preps, as well as having composed the theme tunes for several of his shows.

All of which makes this all the more fitting a tribute to the man - seeing as he created not only the show, but its iconic music:

Larson is survived by his wife, a brother, and nine children. He was 77.

What are your favorite memories of Larson's incredible career? Let us know below...

via USA Today


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