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Remember Matthew McConaughey's witty robotic companion TARS, from Interstellar? He was probably my favorite character in the whole movie, providing much needed comic relief during the often bleak parts of the story. Well, the good news is, he's back - but not quite where you would expect him to be!

The talented folks over at Vulture have put their Photoshop skills and creative minds to good use by imagining if TARS had showed up in other movies, and the results are hilarious...


I'm not quite sure how TARS' block-metal appendages would grasp a gun, but he's probably a lot more bullet proof than Tony Montana ever was.

The Fault in Our TARS

The only thing better than seeing Shailene Woodley spoon a robot is the tagline Vulture has come up with for this inter-species romance. Brilliant.

The TARS Knight

If TARS' voice were a few octaves lower, I could see him as a great Batman replacement.

TARS and The Real Girl

TARS may not be as good-looking as Ryan Gosling, but he's certainly more flexible.

A TARS is Born

TARS is a born rockstar, and clearly the apple of Streisand's eye.

So there you have it. TARS clearly broke into the fifth dimension of Hollywood and ended up across movie time and space to travel into these flicks. Once again, kudos to Vulture for these TARStastic poster designs.

Tell us what movie you'd most like to see TARS crop up in next!


Which poster is your favorite?


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