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After disturbing audio was released of Amanda Bynes threatening to "murder her family," the mentally ill actress has issued an apology for the rant through her lawyer.

The 27-year-old former child star issued the following statement about her behavior and acknowledged that she has a 'condition':

I am truly sorry for the statements I made. I am sorry for any pain I caused my family and others. I am thankful for everyone's patience and understanding. I never expected others to take advantage and profit from my condition. I'm disappointed with those who lulled me into a false sense of security only to find out they really are only interested in selling my privacy to the media.

Although Byne's words in the recording were undeniably troubling, in my opinion, the only people who need to apologize are her housemates who recorded the audio, and TMZ for publishing it.

Although it's undeniably tabloid gold, Byne's is certified as being seriously mentally ill and it's unlikely that knowing the whole world is gawping at her disturbed thinking will help her paranoid delusions.

Members of Amanda's family supposedly encouraged TMZ to post the audio in the hope that it "could be a wake-up call for medical professionals to intervene and get her help."

You can listen to the recording for yourself in the player below:


Do you think that TMZ should have published the audio of Amanda Bynes?

(Source: Gawker via TMZ)


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