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When it comes to acts of outstanding awesomeness, Stormtroopers aren't the first people you necessarily think of. After all, they're usually seen as the blunt force henchmen of the evil Galactic Empire - and any sort of charity work they get up to in their spare time is pretty solidly overshadowed by that whole 'Death Star' thing.

In reality, though, Stormtroopers are often associated with some absolutely awesome acts of kindness, charity and generosity, through the actions of the 501st Legion.

One Stormtrooper, though, is taking things to a whole other level of bad-assery: Meet Scott Loxley, an Australian member of the 501st who's trying to raise $100,000 for Monash Children's Hospital in walking across the whole of Australia.

Which is very large.

The best part, though?

He's doing it in full Stormtrooper gear.

Or, in fact, even better - Sandtrooper gear. Because being faithful to the source material is even cooler when its for charity.

But, despite the heat, and the sun, Loxley doesn't seem inclined to give up anytime soon.

Which is good, because his whole trek is inspiring as hell...

You can find out more about Loxley's journey on his Facebook page, and if you feel inclined to help fund his incredible trek, you can do so right here.

What do you guys think, though?


Loving Loxley's Journey?

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