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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

The present is a time where we can land probes on comets and hear them sing.

We are even surveying prehistoric shards of rock and ice that have spent entire lifetimes floating through the limitless black of space in order to decipher the secrets behind our and the universe's existence. The present is a very exciting place to inhabit.

The present is the future of science fiction. A place, that may be devoid of flying cars and us terraforming other worlds, but today is where we can turn on our tablet pc's and speak to/make friends all over the world from the comfort of our bean bags. Sharing awesome content with our dearest most furthest away.

Like this video for example, which pits two ABB robots against each other, dueling with katanas. Yeah, you read right.

They sheathe and unsheathe their katanas, they bow and they fight - with actual sword hitting sword sound action! This is so badass!

Don't have the chance to witness this awesomeness with your peepers? Well here comes the -



Here we have the two ABB's sizing each other up.

Mad Skills

Have you ever found a branch on the ground and instantly started wielding it like a sword? Yeah, pieces of metal, rubber and plastic combined are better than you.


Here we get to see who will become victorious and who will suffer the fate of becoming a luxury cutlery Christmas gift.

Before we start dreaming of the apocalypse and whether zombies riding katana wielding ABB's down your street in search of brains will be the reason you exit the earth, let's just stop and think of how sick that was and how much we all want an ABB buddy that'll hand you energy drinks during an intense bout of League of Legends.

(Source: Geekologie)


How would you like to be taken out in the apocalypse?


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