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Despite it's title, The Neverending Story did indeed end, leaving us with an aching sense of nostalgia and a hunger for an offering more substantial than the disappointing Neverending Story II.

While we might not have been promised a remake just yet, if something comes along I hope it's as gritty as this awesome fan art from Nicolas Francoeur at Eidos Montréal. The talented artist has gone for a much more grown-up and darkly atmospheric reimagining of our favorite Neverending story characters, although they will be hard pressed to make anything as harrowing as Artax sinking into the swamp of sadness...

Atreyu & Artax

Atreyu grew up with a fondness for body art and an even more noble steed.



Less dog and more dragon makes Falkor a formidable badass! He would probably be less comfortable to ride with that scaly back though!


The Empress

I always thought The Empress should look more regal, and this Amazonian meets Grecian design has certainly sorted that out!



I'm not sure exactly what is riding Gluckuck, but I like it! Also, is this really the name of the racing snail? If so, my childish mind totally missed that one!


The Rockbiter

If anything, this is slightly less creepy than the Jabba the Hut/Boulder heap in the original movie!



If this thing is any more soul destroying, a lot of parents might want to order mattress savers for their kids.



Well, you can't really look more "allergic to youth" than this lichen covered ancient.



This face gives a whole new meaning to the phrase 'bat out of hell.'


Would you like a Neverending Story remake to be even darker?

(Source: Concept Art World via Eidos Montreal)


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