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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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As the year grinds to a halt and we're enduring earlier sunsets and air frosted with breath, we can start to look back on the year passed and think "wow, Marvel, how did you manage to churn out such a great film in Guardians Of The Galaxy?!" Well, that's what I ponder at least.

With plenty of excitement gathering over The Avengers' upcoming foray into robotic darkness, it would be easy to overlook this summer's ragtag bunch of heroes relentlessly smashing around in space. But, in this fan-cut Age of Ultron trailer, one pint-sized, furry, gun-totin' guardian would like to keep us reminded of just who the galaxy's biggest badasses really are.

You've seen the Age of Ultron trailer a thousand times already so there's no need for a full breakdown, so here's a -

Mini Breakdown!

What a gift!

Here's a snippet of Rocket Raccoon's wonderful handiwork. Cheeky little so-and-so!

And here's the Guardians 2 release date for your calendar. Better stick it in there otherwise you may be getting an unexpected visit from that crazy little animal!

I can't choose which installment I'm more excited for - Avengers 2 or Guardians 2. Meh, it'll be far easier just to go with both! So I will. What about you?

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