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Fresh from recent news that Daniel Brühl is set to star in Captain America: Civil War - and that he'll likely be playing a supporting villain - we might also know the identity of the movie's main villain: and it's not who we were expecting...

Responding to questions about the role Brühl will play in the movie, Variety's Justin Kroll tweeted that:

"Beat by Marvel in that one, two things he will play villain but not main one, Crossbones still main"

Which, it seems, confirms that Crossbones, a.k.a. actor Frank Grillo, will - in fact - be the lead villain of Captain America: Civil War.

Now, obviously this is a long way from an official confirmation from Marvel - and could easily just be speculation disguised as fact - but the throwaway nature of the reveal seems to suggest that Kroll may actually know something more than he's outright telling us.

The thing is, though, would Crossbones as the main villain even make sense?

After all, the villain has spent much of his time in the Marvel Universe as a henchman - subject to the schemes of other, more senior bad guys. Would Marvel really center an entire movie - especially one as vital to its long term planning as Civil War - around a relatively minor hero?

Well, it seems a little unlikely - especially as Tony Stark is expected to fulfill the primary antagonist-like role. Could Crossbones take on a slightly different role, though? One that is technically the main villain - because Stark never officially is - but remains relatively junior in plot terms?

A villain converted to the government's service to hunt down Cap, perhaps?

What do you guys think?


Will Crossbones be the main villain in Cap 3?



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