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In the latest Vampire Diaries episode "Do You Remember the First Time," was a doozy, it was chock full of emotion and I'm not going to lie, it was a bit of a tearjerker. Take a look through the summary, and see if you caught all of the juiciest bits of this latest episode.

Delena kiss in the rain!

In the latest episode, Damon encounters Elena and Liam at the hospital Fundraiser and awkward introductions ensue. Damon then attempted to sweep up Elena on the dancer floor and try to get her to remember their first dance. Unfortunately, this doesn't end well for either of them and both parties were left upset.

That emotion soon turns to determination and Damon takes Elena to the Mystic Falls line to try and get her to remember. Here, Damon tried to remind Elena of one of the most romantic moments of the entire show: when they were in the rain during a meteor shower, though he conveniently leaves out the part when they kissed. But hope is not lost for us, as the power of flashbacks is a great and mighty thing and we finally got to see that beautiful kiss in the rain we've so longed to see.

Instead of telling Elena about it, Damon plays the gentleman card and he finally lets the relationship go, saying, “I love you Elena, enough to let you go.” NOOOOOO, Delena!

Caroline and Stefan in a tree?

Another major plot from episode 7 involved Stefan and Caroline fighting to get sheriff Forbes back from a gang of nasty vampire hunters who are after Tripp. Luckily for us, Stefan and Caroline were joined by Enzo who told Stefan what we've all been screaming at the TV set for so long: "She's got a thing for ya, mate."

After Tripps was killed after being secretly made a vampire and crossing the Mystic Falls line, Sheriff Forbes is released. While she recovers in the hospital, Caroline and Stefan have a conversation about Caroline's feelings toward him and he basically says that he doesn't feel the same way. Ouch. Smooth moves, Salvatore.

Kai is all around horrible

As has become the standard for Season 6, we also encountered some flashbacks to Bonnie and Kai and their ongoing vampire/witch version of the Hunger Games. However, it appears that Bonnie is not just a pretty face as she puts all her magic into her teddy bear, Miss Cuddles, and sends it to present-day Damon! What an absolute genius move!

But, not only do we get to see the horrible Kai in the past but it was also revealed that Jo, the only witch left in the present, is actually Kai's sister! Yep, it turns out Kai had a huge case of sibling rivalry and actually gutted her! So with this revelation in place, it could spell bad news if Jo manages to bring Bonnie back only to find her evil brother is coming with!

WOW, so much packed into just one hour of television, I can't wait until next week when the gang celebrate 'friendsgiving' together, though knowing The Vampire Diaries, I'm guessing friendsgiving won't stay, err, f'riendly,' for long!


Did you enjoy last weeks episode?

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