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When it comes to romance, Anne Hathaway is no stranger to heartbreak - on screen, at least. After Les Misérables, Brokeback Mountain, One Day, and Becoming Jane, it's a wonder we don't just start tearing up the second her name appears in the opening credits.

Now, though, Hathaway looks set to ramp up the tears even further - this time as both a producer and star - with the upcoming Song One seemingly promising to be an old school weepie in the form of a low-fi, mumblecore-style romance.

Suffice to say the movie looks set to jerk a whole lot of tears from your face - as you can tell from the trailer below:

So, we're talking...

Serious Sadness

After finding out the tragic news about her brother...

Deep, Unrelenting Grief

With accompanying mourning.

Hope, Just Possibly...

At a concert, of all places.

...In the Form of a Tentative Romance

In New York, of course.

With a Scruffy English Singer

Played by real life musician Johnny Flynn.

Who May or May Not Break Her Heart

Though, from the looks of him, I'm betting he will.

Here's the big question, though: What do you guys think?


Excited about Song One?

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