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Many people out there like to argue that film renditions of books usually end up being horrible movies and never do the book justice. I would like to counter-act those arguments. Yes, there are movies out there that do horrible jobs on showcasing the book they were inspired from( one example being Eragon, and this coming from someone who read the Inheritance cycle 3 times). But, many of these book/movie films are simply just doing what they can. Books use the power of imagination to tell their story inside your head, and the brains imagination is endless, meaning literally just about anything can happen in a book and one could imagine it all in their head as they read. But with movies, your physically seeing that story with your eyes, and whether it's low budget, or physical implications, movies just can't gain their full power like the imagination does. This doesn't mean we should discredit the movie entirely though! We should look at what the film crew and writers did to make that movie, it will still be the books story, just a re-telling of it. I mean once you spend hours reading a book, do you really want to spend hours watching the movie with everything still being the same? I know I wouldn't! I personally enjoy a nice twist, or change of pace. It shows that the writers and the director have intiatiave and courage to show what they saw whilst reading the book. Many things are left out of movies from the books that our online friends usually rage over, which I understand the rage, but look at the full plot of the story. Do these small actions or characters that are left our really apply to the full story? Do they help the protagonist reach his/her goal any faster? In most cases they don't and so the directors leave these small events or characters out in order to save plot structure, time, and money. I personally just love being able to physically see the characters from my books on the big screen and note if I imagined them correctly to the actors portraying them.

You know, I really don't know if anyone out there is reading these and so I'm keeping most of my articles short.. Also, I'm just losing what to write after some time. Until I fully develop my writing skills and my thoughts, I more than likely keep these articles short, until the perfect time to get more in depth into my articles.


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