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Now we all have seen in Iron Man 3 how Tony makes up his mind to quit being Iron Man. As shown in the end of the movie how Tony has his makeshift heart removed from his chest and all his armors are blown up. If you have seen the Avengers Age of Ultron trailer you notice that Tony is flying in an armor shooting up bad guys. The question is how? Did Tony go back on his promise to Pepper to stop being Iron man?

We can see somehow that Tony has went back to being iron man by noticing that a hulkbuster armor has been built. An armor we have never seen in any of the marvel movies. How will Tony be able to pilot these new armors after his power source of the suit has been removed out of his chest. Or do these new models of armors already have built in power sources. What new armors do you think we will see in the new movie?

How well will these armors fare up against Ultron knowing that Marvel changed up the story and that instead Hank creating Ultron they have Tony creating Ultron. Ultron known to have the Oedipus complex as in greek mythology makes you want to kill your parents. How do you think Tony will survive in his armors? WIll pepper accept the fact that tony is back in action and creating armors again?


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