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At first, [Frozen](movie:411685) and [Breaking Bad](series:200567) don't seem to have all that much in common. The former is a story that was designed for children (but that many adults enjoyed). The latter centers around crystal meth addiction and the organized trafficking of the illicit drug - so certainly designed for adults (but that many young fans enjoyed).

The creative people at ANIMEME put together a remix to Frozen's "Do You Want To Build a Snowman" that subs out the word "snowman" and inserts "meth lab". And, of course, there's an animated video accompanying the new song. I think I can get down with this...

Walter White is the one who knocks... on Jesse's door

The music video shows Walter White on Jesse's doorstep, with the now infamous Albuquerque, New Mexico suburban neighborhood as his backdrop. Walter White takes the place of Anna and Jesse is Elsa. But instead of asking Jesse if he wants to play, he's asking if he wants to cook.

Jesse, like Elsa, doesn't budge

Since this is only a 3 minute video, everything is pretty condensed. As we all know, Jesse was actually less hesitant to cook at first. He grew disillusioned over time as his actions started tormenting his mental state and began affecting those around him, actually not entirely unlike Elsa, come to think of it. But for the sake of this video, Jesse utters the line in his classic tone of voice, "go away, Mr. White".

Walter lets Jane overdose

This impactful scene from the TV show occurs as the music gets slightly more dramatic. Of course, Walter is now bald as his cancer treatment has set in. They skip over a good amount here, but the bottom line is that at this point, Jesse's head is truly not right - and certainly cooking is the last thing on his mind.

Walt pleads with Jesse as a father would with a son

Even though they are not related by blood, there is a familial bond between the two, kind of like Anna and Elsa. But instead of a sister-sister relationship, this is more of a father-son one.

We end on Degenerate Jesse sitting alone in his apartment

This was Jesse at his worst. The way that Elsa feels she needs to be isolated due to her icy condition, Jesse feels the only way he can stop hurting people is by partying, doing drugs, and blasting loud music. He just doesn't want to feel anything, and this final scene is a perfect rendition of that string of episodes where Jesse shut himself off from the real world indefinitely.


This is truly excellent work, and as a fan of both stories this really hits home with me. Anna might have been a slightly better singer than Walt, though.


What did you think of "Do You Want To Build a Meth Lab"?


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