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With a head writer for the Oscars signed and several great movies with great shots at awards, I decided to write about the possibilities of best picture, screenplay, and lead actor. I don't believe I am qualified to pick from all categories, given I didn't see all these films, so this won't be an analysis of every possible movie for every possible award. That being said, here goes...

Beginning with best actor:
Winner: Michael Keaton
Close runners-up: Ben Affleck, Benedict Cumberbatch

Best Picture:
Winner: Gone Girl
Close runners-up: Birdman, Interstellar, Fury, maybe Into the Woods

Best adapted screenplay:
Winner: Gone Girl
close runners-up: The Imitation Game

Best original screenplay:
Winner: Boyhood
close runners-up: Interstellar, Fury

And that is my prediction! Let me know where you disagree/agree in comments and what else I need to watch before the awards. I'm willing to bet I'm not wrong on too many of these---any offers will be noted :P


Do any of these categories look accurate?


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