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Good day to you ladies and gentlemen, today I continue my look at currently airing TV shows with Constantine. Now unlike my look at Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Gotham and The Flash, this will be more of an overview, but I will still try to review things as much as possible. So how does this show fair? Read on and find out.

Now I've never really been that familiar with the character of [Constantine](movie:874314), I never saw the 2005 film adaptation with Keanu Reeves, but apparently I didn't miss much with that and most fans said that it was not a faithful adaptation of the source material. I've been meaning to read the comics because my uncle keeps telling me that they are awesome, but I've never gotten around to it because of, well, life haha. But when I heard that there was a TV series on the horizon I was curious to see if a TV adaptation would do the comics justice. When the series premiered I read mixed things online, but it was primarily good, and since I've taken on more TV to watch in recent times, I decided to give it a watch and I'm glad I did because I REALLY like this show. The reason I like the show so much is because it is so different from other comic book shows like [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469), Gotham, The Flash and Arrow. This show that deals with the angels and demons, magic and all things supernatural. I love those elements because it is beyond human comprehension and cannot be explained with science or rational thinking, it is otherworldly, dangerous and corrupt. The story from the beginning is pretty interesting and kept me wanting to know more and with each new episode, it got me curious to know more. In addition to that, one of the other things I loved about the show was the tone and atmosphere, the use of strong language, violence and horror-esque elements that make it feel very dark and mature, more so than most shows in this genre. The presentation is very good with great special effects and good lighting and the soundtrack by Bear McNeary is also good too.

And to finish there's the cast who are pretty good so far. Matt Ryan is nice as John Constantine, as the main character he's interesting because he's unconventional, reluctant and funny in a dark kind of way, but he also has emotions and a moral compass that makes him relatable. Ryan is cool and charismatic in the role and reminds me of some of my friends because of the English accent and certain lines of dialogue. Angélica Celaya is pretty and compelling as Zed Martin, her powers as an artist with psychic powers makes her very interesting and her interactions with Constantine is also entertaining. Charles Halford is also cool as Chas Chandler and Harold Perrineau as Manny is awesome because he's suave, confident and has good dialogue. Also Michael James Shaw is badass as Papa Midnite. So are there any cons to the show? Well a few, the pilot left me a bit confused and there was a lot of backstory relating to the main character which was left out, plus some of the story moments are bit cliché and the pacing can be a bit slow but otherwise its fine.

In conclusion Constantine is a great piece of TV and well worth your time. The strange and disturbing stories, coupled with the dark, eerie and horror-like atmosphere makes for some really cool and intriguing episodes. Matt Ryan is a compelling presence as the main character and since the show is just so mature and unlike other comic book shows I've seen before, it keeps me wanting to see more.

So have you seen Constantine and if you have then what do you think? Whatever your thoughts are be sure to leave them in comments below and I'll see you on the next review .:D


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