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Welcome to my review on the recently-released game, Five Nights at Freddy's 2. With only a whopping 3 months on-set, this brand new thriller is topping Steam's market! This game takes a step higher, its harder, scarier, and cuddlier! Onto the review! This is based on my game-play. Not everyone else's.

The Plot.

The basic premise of the game is like the original one. You were hired to go to this night-shift at a sketchy, Chuck E Cheese's-like place. Why? I have no idea. This random guy calls you and gives you annoying "tips" before he gets killed in the first game. Leading people to think This game is a prequel. But that's just a theory... A Game Theor-- Nevermind. You have to stay alive, check the cams, keep your batter-- Wait, I almost forgot, THIS game has UNLIMITED BATTERY ON LIGHTS! HOORAY! Wait... What's that Jimmy?... The flashlight? Ohhh the flashlight... Yes, there is a flashlight in this game. All the camera's are very Dark. Keep your flashlight up!

The Animatronics.

Night 1 hands over a couple Animatronics.

  • Freddy 2.0 (or, Toy Freddy.)
  • Chica 2.0
  • Bonnie 2.0
  • Marionette
  • Balloon Boy (BB)

Think it's Hard? Think again, Night 2 gives you:

  • The 2.0's
  • Marionette
  • Balloon Boy
  • Old Foxy
  • Mangle (Foxy 2.0)

Think that one was hard? Think for a Second time. Night 3 Politely lets free:

  • Old Freddy
  • Old Chica
  • Old Bonnie
  • New Freddy
  • New Chica
  • New Bonnie
  • Old Foxy
  • Mangle
  • Balloon Kid
  • Marionette
  • Plush Bonnie, BB, and Freddy

Also, your flashlight runs out quicker. If you manage to beat that, beat it again on Night 4. Except Night 4 has:

  • Less Flashlight
  • Golden Freddy/Phone Guy (we all have theory's don't we?)

Night 5 has all of that, + less flashlight time. Enjoy!


Here are some tips I have come to find out.

  • If someone is crawling through you're vent's, for good luck sake, you should check the wind-up box. If it's not winded up, hold that click button down. Once your done, or if it's already full, quickly put on the Mask. Repeat this strategy if it gets low.
  • All the old Animatronics have Less of a chance of believing you when you have the mask on.
  • The mask doesn't work with Old Foxy at all.
  • Plush's don't do anything, I just counted them in because they are alive. Plush Bonnie does crash your game though unless you flip up the cam or put on the mask.
  • Don't ragequit.

Overall review

My overall rating of this game would be... 8/10. Only because the new animatronics (2.0) aren't that scary. Also, if this game isn't a prequel, how is phone guy alive? If he was always alive, what happened on Night 4 on the original game? This game leaves a lot of questions, but no answers. Looking at the game itself, game-play, graphics and all, I think its pretty good. This game is in my opinion, worth getting. If you don't like jump scares, try the demo. If that one isn't scary, get the full version. Happy Playing viewers!


Is this game better than the old one?


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