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Whenyou first interact with Lorraine Ziff, two words immediately come to mind - graceful and grateful.

The actress, who was born in the Bronx and has been involved with acting since her Junior High days, exudes elegance - while at the same time taking her craft seriously and making it clear she is grateful for everything in her lige, whether that be her husband Larry, son Matthew or projects like "The martial Arts Kid".

Lorraine, who plays the character Peggy in the "The martial Arts Kid", says she drew upon real-life experience for the role.

" (I) played the role of Peggy, the shop keeper where all the "issues" happen outside my door", says Lorraine Ziff. "I am often comforting the kids who are picked on."

"I've been ... a real School Social Worker in the past, in addition to being an actor", says Lorraine Ziff. "(So) , the role if looking out for the students fit perfectly."

Lorraine Ziff says she was drawn to the "The Martial Arts Kid" because of it's positive, anti-bullying message.

"I love the anti-bully campaign and message it sends to young people - that with self-confidence, they can get through (adversity) and be okay", says Lorraine Ziff. "(The) filming experience was great because everyone came together with this film and it's message."

Especially for a smaller-budgeted film, "The Martial Arts Kid" had a long, grueling schedule. It filmed over a month - with some scenes shot in California and some scenes shot in California.

However, Lorraine Ziff had no problem with it.

"Shooting some (scenes) in Florida and some in California was fine", says Lorraine Ziff. "With tax incentives bring what they are, many films shoot that way now."

One of the biggest appeals of the film in Lorraine Ziff's mind was getting to work with legendary martial artists.

A 3rd-Degree Black Belt herself in Tae Kwon Do, Lorraine Ziff says it was a surreal experience rubbing shoulders and making a movie with over a dozen World Champions and martial arts legends, like Don "The Dragon" Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock.

" As a 3rd degree martial artist myself, it was exciting and a real honor to be around (that) level of talent - both as actors and as respected martial artists", says Lorraine Ziff. "So many styles in one location was fantastic and of course, there is a respect that we all share".

Being in the same films as her son, Matthew Ziff, who plays the bully in the film was also a memorable experience for Lorraine Ziff.

"Filming with my son Matthew is always wonderful! He's do talented and I'm such a 'proud Mama'", says Lorraine Ziff.." He's a wonderful actor and I love to see him work."

"We have worked in several films together in the past, however, we've only been cast as mother and son once", she continues. "It was interesting to see the facial hair, shaved head and "bully" personality. He is such a nice guy so this was truly acting! He did a great job!!"

Lorraine Ziff says she is still impressed by the talent level of the cast.

"Working with all the professionals was fantastic", says Lorraine Ziff. "Don (Wilson) and Cynthia (Rothrock) and TJ (Storm) and Carl (Van Meter)- all real people with humble and kind attitudes. It was a true honor!!"

Lorraine Ziff says she also cannot thank the people behind the scenes enough.

"Oh...we could not ask for better producers in James Wilson and Cheryl Wheeler", says Lorraine Ziff. (They are both) kind, gracious and willing to do what it takes to make the movie work! Both have been around this martial arts world-Jim is Don "The Dragon"'s brother and Cheryl (has been) a stunt woman for many years".

Lorraine Ziff says the chemistry - both on and off the set - between the titular "Kid" - played by Jansen Panettiere - and the bully, played by her son Matthew, was also memorable.

'My own son, Matthew is a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Jansen, who I have a number of scenes with, is gracious and fun on set", says Lorraine Ziff. "Jansen and Matthew as 'Good and Bad' had good times together, both when rehearsing and when the camera stopped rolling. Humor is a great tool when things are so very intense."

Lorraine Ziff says she is confident "The Martial Arts Kid" will connect with the public - and sites "The Martial Arts Kid" Executive Producer Dr. Robert Goldman as a perfect example why..

"Dr. Bob Goldman is a great promoter and clearly proud of our work", says Lorraine Ziff. "With all these folks involved and the very positive anti-bullying message we send, this film is bound to be a huge success!"

"The Martial Arts Kid" is set to hit theaters in 2015!


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