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Bob Pants

I am going to start making my predictions on the characters we will see in these upcoming Phase 3 movies and I want to see YOUR opinions on my thoughts! I also have added a rating for each character on how sure I am on if they will appear or not.

1. Captain America: Civil War

My Character Predictions:

Captain America (duh)

Falcon (duh)

Winter Soldier (duh)

Black Panther (confirmed!)

Crossbones (?)

Iron Man (confirmed!)

Baron Mordo (?)

After Credits Scene: Doctor Strange! (?)

2. Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange (duh)

Baron Mordo (Probably)

Dormammu (Probably)

Mindless Ones (Probably)

After Credits Scene: Cap recruiting Strange to join his side of the Civil War!

Hope you enjoy because Guardians 2 and Thor: Ragnarok are next!


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