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With all recent announcements Marvel's made and all their new movies it's certainly an exciting time to be a Marvel fan!

With Phase 2 ending next year, Phase 3 soon beginning and eleven more movies on the way announced through 2019 I'm very excited! New solo franchises like Dr. Strange, Captain Marvel and Black Panther along with new teams like the Inhumans and this year's Guardians of the Galaxy. Netflix original shows like Daredevil and Luke Cage I can't help but wonder what new characters will be introduced in some of these upcoming films! Here's my list of 10 characters I'm still excited to see, and who hopefully make their screen debut in the next five years!

1. Wasp

Janet Van Dyne was one of the original Avengers back in the 1960s, but we still have yet to meet her in the Cinematic Universe. There's a very big chance that we'll get to see a form of the character in Ant-Man next year. Evangeline Lilly is playing a character named Hope Van Dyne, daughter of Hank Pym who was romantically connected to Janet in the comics and cartoons. It is my opinion and hope that Hope is the MCU version of the Wasp who will be romantically connected to Scott Lang's Ant-Man, and gained her powers through birth from her parents Janet and Hank.
The Ant-Man family is a rather large one, with Hank Pym the original Ant-Man, Wasp, Scott Lang the second Ant-Man, Goliath who primarily used the growing part of the pym particles, and Stature who was Scott Lang's daughter and became a member of the Young Avengers.
In the comics Wasp uses the pym particles that Ant-Man and all these other size-changers in the Ant-Man family use to gained their powers. Her powers allow her to not only shift into a much smaller form, but also gives her tiny wings allowing her to fly, stinging blasts as well as allowing her to grow into a giant size as tall as a New York skyscraper.
Potential Movie Appearance: Ant-Man. I love Evangeline Lilly in both Lost and the Hobbit films. I really hope she gets to have some killer scenes and that she becomes one of the superheroines of the MCU.

2. Wonderman

Simon Williams was a regular man, and was in line to become in charge of his father's very large company, but the profits fell because of their largest competitor - Stark Industries. Eventually his father died and left him with nothing and Simon was approached by villains to take his revenge on Stark. His body was infused with ionic energy and he infiltrated the Avengers from within, but secretly allied himself with their worst enemies. During the final confrontation Williams changes allegiances and joins the Avengers, sacrificing himself and appeared to dissipate from his ionic energy form into thir air, unable to control the very particles that kept his body together.
He was later resurrected as Iron Man found a way to pull the energy back into a human form, and he was even able to give Williams the ability to change back and forth between his ionic human forms. He became a very prominent member of the Avengers for a long time, until he started to seriously pursue an acting career.
Potential Movie Appearance: I'm not sure when Williams could appear in the upcoming Phase 3 films. He has a close friendship with Ms Marvel in the comics, so maybe Captain Marvel in 2018? He would also make a great addition to the television show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. becoming one first superpowered agents on the show.

3. Amora the Enchantress

Amora the Enchantress was one of the best parts of the short lived Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon (if you haven't watched it, check it out on Netflix!) She was working with Loki attempting to help him seek revenge on Thor and the Avengers. She even teamed up with the Masters of Evil on Earth even though she was really working with Loki.
Amora often shows romantic interest in Thor, and with her powers of manipulation and limited telepathy she has even been able to trick him into thinking he cares for her as well.
Potential Movie Appearance: Thor: Ragnorak. She would be an amazing secondary villain working with Loki as he impersonates Odin on the Asgard throne, and even could be a sidekick for Surtur who has manipulated and controlled her in the past.

4. Adam Warlock

If you're aware of easter eggs In Thor 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy you're aware that in the Collector's museum we saw Warlock's cocoon. The first time we saw his cocoon in the museum it was sealed but the next time it was open. Warlock has incredible ties to not only the other Guardians, but to the Infinity Stones and Infinity Gauntlet. He is commonly in possession of the Soul Gem, and uses it in capturing villains and banishing them into it. Again if you haven't seen Earths's Mightiest Heroes there's an episode featuring the Guardians and I would recommend it. He is a major player in that episode.
Potential Movie Appearance: Assuming that he has been "reborn" we can hope to see him in the Guardians sequel slated for 2017, and later again in Avengers: Infinity War Parts 1 and 2.

5. She-Hulk

She-Hulk is a sexier, and slightly calmer version of the Hulk. In a horrific accident with her cousin, Bruce Banner, he was forced to give her a blood transfusion with his gamma infused Hulk-blood that gave her similar powers as his, although she is in complete control over her alter ego.
Potential Movie Appearance: ????? I have no idea on this one. I very much want to see Jennifer Walters show up. She's a huge part of the Avengers, and would be some great and much needed strong femininity to the team. Without a Hulk movie on the horizon for Phase 3 it's unlikely we'll see She-Hulk make an appearance.

6. Beta-Ray Bill

Beta-Ray is an alien with the unique ability to wield Thor's hammer. When he picks it up the first time even Thor is astounded. Bill doesn't realize it's anything special while wielding the power of the Asgardian. We know that the Asgardians aren't simply Gods as they appear, but really aliens from another part of the universe. Bill could be a really fun surprise.
Potential Movie Appearance: Thor already has a few sidekicks in Lady Sif and the Warriors Three, but let's face it they've all fallen kind of flat. Bill has the potential to be a really fun and energetic sidekick for Thor in his third installment Ragnorak.

7. Nova

In the comics Xandar is destroyed and the last remaining commander of their Nova Corps ends up in New York City. He has only hours to live and gives his armored suit to a high school student. This teenager continues to balance school and his secret superhero identity. Sound a little cliche? That's because it is. Since Marvel doesn't do the cliche story about child superheros hiding their identity (I think they realize we're all bored of it and the other superhero cliches) I think we can expect a serious change from the comics version to our cinematic version.
Potential Movie Appearance: I think the sequel to Guardians could start out with the destruction of Xandar, a planet we as viewers are already emotionally invested in. We see the fight sequence between Nova and the henchmen of Thanos, and he's left for dead when his planet is destroyed and the infinity orb is stolen. I think it would really show the audiences just how dangerous Thanos is but as of yet there has been no development in the films to make him seem like a villain who gets anything done. The destruction of Xandar and his gaining the Orb they were keeeping would be a great way for us to become afraid of his character and eventual visit to Earth.

8. Dormammu

He's a supreme being from an alternate universe who is constantly trying to break into our universe to, basically, burn it all to ruin. In some continuities he's been portrayed as a demon, in others just an angry eternal being searching out new sources of energy and pain.
Potential Movie Appearance: He's one of Dr. Strange's biggest villains so it's most likely that if he appears he'll appear as the main villain. He'd be a great visually, a fire demon with a large fireball as a head.

9. Spider-Woman

In the comics when the Avengers took a break and then were re-formed Jessica Drew, as Spider-Woman, took a major position on the team and quickly became a fan favorite. It was unfortunate that the writers had actually set her up to be not only a Skrull impostor setting up the Secret Invasion story, but she was the Skrull Queen! During the Secret Invasion story the real Jessica returned and joined the team again, but really for the first time.
Despite her name she has no connection to Spiderman, and her powers are much different than his. Hers include flight, venom energy blasts and enhanced senses.
Potential Movie Appearance: In the comics she's originally an agent within S.H.I.E.L.D. until Captain America offers her a position among the New Avengers. While I don't believe she's a strong enough character to anchor her own movie, I do think she has some amazing potential to be a great secondary or tertiary character, and the most logical place for her to show up might be along side the new Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. led by Coulson. When the Civil War story lines start to come into the television show when Coulson is asked to support the registration act it's likely we'll see super powered individuals come forward and join the team. I'm hoping that eventually Drew will be one of them.

10. Captain Marvel (Mahr-Vell)

Originally a Kree scientist sent to study humans and report back on their potential to become part of the Kree empire he falls in love with the human race and turns on his own people to defend Earth against the Kree armies. It is his alien DNA and technology that gives Carol Danvers her super powered abilities.
Potential Movie Appearance: I'll be surprised if we don't see him in some form or another in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. It's unlikely that her story will be an origin story (as Marvel has stated their new stories won't necessarily be origin stories) I think Mahr-Vell is such a core part of Danvers back story as well as her love interest I'd be willing to bet he'll appear and sacrifice himself which causes her to take his code name to take for herself.

So there you have it! My top 10 pick of characters I hope to see pop up in the upcoming Marvel Phase 3! There are dozens and dozens of characters that could appear, is there anyone that you want to see that I forgot?


Which of these characters do you most want to see?


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