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He was the best at what he does because he made a move for almoust every genre. I cant talk about of all his films but i can tell you about his best five. Of his thirteen films all of them where amazing. He has made masterpieces like The Shining an amazing peice of mistery, horror with amazing acting and amazing suspence. Its plot is about a family who is isolated in a haunted winter hotel and how Jack Torance slowly goes insane. The movie deserves its popularity. Next Dr.Strangelove a amazing black comedy that is ranked betwen the top 10 best in the world it has amazing direction and humor memorable caracters and its a nother Stanley masterpiece. Its abouth the cold war and the US trying to stop the nuclear bomb thats about to hit Russia. Next come's A Clock Work Orange a very controversial film with lots violence and shocking scenes but also with black comedy and thrilling break in scene and an amazing plot with the main character Alex DeLarge and his joerny thro jail where he is brain washed so he cant fight back if he trys he gets sick and then he is send to the world and there are a lot of people who want revenge. It pushed cinema bound and it had a nomination of an academy award.Full Metal Jacked his 12 film and an powerful anti war film featuring the horrors of war and the humor that is needed togeth thro it is an amazing and enjoyable film.And finaly 2001: A Space Odyssey his best film and the moust influential film in the sci-fi genre it was the ultimate trip it shows the tehnoligy in 2001 and a journey thro space and searching for mans space in the world. By me and bu many other people this is the best film in the world with his amazing acting, writing memorable caracters and its increadable special effect, great writhing and it realy helping the sci-fy genre. And got Stanley a well deserved oscar for best special effect. I wish i coud write more but i think for you to realy understand his films you must watch them and by not me telling you how amazing they are.


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