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25 years ago, Disney released one of my favorite animated films of all times: The Little Mermaid!

That's right. With more than 4 years in the making and inspired in looks by teen idol Alyssa Milano, Ariel conquered the hearts of many in that fall of 89.

With her red hair, big eyes and wonderful voice, Ariel is and will continue to be one of the best animated movie heroines, and The Little Mermaid will continue being the one that started what now is know as the Disney Renaissance.

Yes, it is true that the Disney version varies from the original of Hans Christian Andersen, but I don't mind. I am a sucked for happy endings and I think this one is much better than the creepy, dark ending H.C.A prepared for her mermaid.

In case you guys are not aware of this, let me tell you the facts.

In the original version by Danish author, the little mermaid not only has to sacrifice her voice for legs, she feels the pain of a thousand knives in her feet each time she walks. And even with that she dances for the prince each night in hopes that he'll fall in love with her.

Pain of a thousand knives for her man!
Pain of a thousand knives for her man!

When the prince wakes up after almost being drowned, he has no recollection of having been saved by our mermaid. He does however notices a beautiful nun that appears to rescue him. The nun is actually a princess from a nearby kingdom, and he marries her instead.

The mermaid's sisters try to help her return to the sea. The night of the wedding, and her last night on earth (since she's meant to be turned into foam if she didn't marry the prince) the sisters deliver a dagger (they traded their hairs for that) in order to have the mermaid stab the prince to death! Once she had killed the man she loves she will be able to return to the sea.

She decides to die, and lets her self be turned to foam. The mermaid is about to kill the prince because she has lost his love, but she desist, and instead decides to die at sunrise and become sea foam.

Things get a little "windy" after this. Since she decided not to kill the prince; and this act is seen by the daughters of the air, instead of returning to the sea as foam, the mermaid's soul becomes one of these spirits and she will continue to watch over good deeds until she gains as soul and can ascend to heaven. Something that menfolk can't do since they have no soul, apparently.

Weird? Dark? Not for children?

I bet you might be thinking so now. However I also liked this version of the story, a grown-up version of our classic fairy tales has never hurt anyone. In fact, it makes them even more interesting with all this shades of grey.

That makes me wonder how much of the original story will be part of the 2015 (expected) new take on The Little Mermaid?

What do you prefer, Disney interpretation or Classic Hans Christian Andersen?

Thanks Ariel, and Happy Birthday!


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