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After floundering off and on for the past two weeks, can Constantine finally hit its stride and become the hit we all know it can be? Let's find out!


Constantine has been struggling since the awesome start with the Pilot episode. The introduction of Zed in episode two and the entrance of a powerful adversary, Papa Midnight, has keptthe ball moving, but for how long. If this weeks episode is any example of what we have in store from here out, I think the ball is officially snowballing. Gary Lesler played a great guest shot as another old friend of Johns who is still recovering from the effects of what happened in New Castle. And, if you don't know, you need to go back and watch the pilot! Because this back story will soon become the main story before the end of all of this. The Flash has his metahuman of the week. Well, Constantine has its Demon of the week. This weeks demon was a hunger demon of extraordinary power. Once again this power is being fed by the growing darkness. The shadow of this darkness, John's bedeviled past and his dealing with who he is and what he has done will be the going theme for this show.

The demon worked well. It was menacing and disgusting. There were a lot of 'awe that's not right' moments which this show needs. Manny, the angel, is still lingering around to prod John on and works well with all themes.

This story was different. You could feel it. I dug to see the difference and right off the bat, I saw that the writer of this episode was Cameron Welsh who hasn't done an episode yet. I have to applaud his handling of this story as well as the producers and directors. This was a tough episode to watch. Gary Lister was a sad character as most addicts are. John Constantine continually judged him through most of the show as 'just an addict' that you can't trust. He told Gary that to his face. But, every time he did that, you felt Constantine was looking into a mirror and talking to himself. Every judgment he leveled at Gary could be said of him too. So, it was a sad dance he and Gary did to the very last. And the ending was poignant and touching. It worked on so many levels. We learned to love and respect Gary and, in turn, learned a bit about John too.

Matt Ryan put in another extraordinary performance as the tortured John Constantine as did Angelica Celaya (Zed), although she took a back seat in this one a bit. Her struggle with John's inner struggle plays out well and we all feel it. She is our conduit to both question him and understand him. Jonjo O'neill adds great depth to this story as Gary Lester, a drug addict with a past of working with Constantine. We feel his pain and guilt and learn to love him by the end. This story is all about a man's chance to do the right thing and right the wrongs of the past. Now, we will see if John Constantine can do the same.

I love the premise of this show and the character of John Constantine, but have had doubts that the writing and production of this show could survive one season even. This episode showed greater quality and depth as well as character development both with John and Zed. I'm feeling a stronger story and character development now and hope to see more in days to come. The court is still out as to the fate of this show, but this episode went to great lengths to plead it case and plead it well.

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