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Note: Now I am a huge fan of both Marvel and DC alike, so don't think I'm just a closed-minded blind hater, because I'm not. I am also not counting DC's TV universe because as of now, there is no confirmation on a connection between universes. I will however comment on Marvel's TV because theirs WILL connect. Stating that now. Enjoy.

Let Us Begin!!!

In 1966, 48 years ago, DC Comics released a Movie and, little to their knowledge, started a system constantly reproducing two characters almost indefinitely...

50 years of DC Movies
50 years of DC Movies

You might say "They haven't JUST done Batman and Superman!" Well what else have they done? "Uhhh... Green Lantern! oh wait.. Jonah Hex.. um.. Watchmen! Catwoman! Steel! Supergirl!" And what do we refer to this as? Box Office Flops! Not to mention, just terrible movies in general. The casting on most (Sorry Catwoman) of those movies were great, just the writing and directing were absolutely awful. The age of superhero films were non existent other than Batman and Superman (who, mind you, have had in the past 50 years [2016] 6 Batmen and 3 Supermen). But in 2008, Marvel upped their game and took one of the worlds unknown superheroes, and turned it into a Major Motion Picture with great ratings, great story, and great characters!! Sure it had it's problems but most people hadn't heard of Iron Man and now he's one of the most popular superheroes in the world!!

Then they took the Hulk and revived him for this generation Two Months Later! and then they took a mythological god and made him (and, of course, his bro Loki) two extremely popular characters. Three months after that, a hero who stopped Hydra was introduced to, and warmly welcomed by, Pop Culture!! Marvel combined all these together and made The Avengers, an anthem for superhero movies and nerds alike. The Avengers grossed $623,357,910 at the Domestic Box Office, making it the Third-Highest Grossing Movie of All Time!! Not to mention the Phase Two sequels did phenomenal. And Marvel literally their most obscure comic book team and gave them a movie which did AMAZING in the Box Office and was a great film in general.


And when I bring up the Marvel Movies, my Die Hard DC friend brings up the TV issue and that's a valid point, only, it's actually not. About a month ago, Warner Brothers unveiled the DC Comics Movie slate, and made one casting announcement, Ezra Miller as Barry Allen/The Flash. This announcement officially confirmed that the Movie and TV universes would be separate. Also they confirmed this after Grant Gustin had been the Flash for a whole two episodes, one of them being the most watched pilot on the CW EVER!!! But WB decided to keep things separate. So therefore I can't count the TV shows as why DC could beat Marvel. But Marvel, on the other hand, I can count the TV shows.

While [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469) got of to a rough start, they are beginning to spring back with all the Kree writing and possible Inhumans references (Google It). Not Only do they have AoS, but they also have the Agent Carter Miniseries this January an ABC, but that is still not the Biggest Marvel upcoming TV show.

Marvel's "Defenders" on Netflix
Marvel's "Defenders" on Netflix

For those who don't know, Marvel signed a deal with Netflix for 4 miniseries about [Daredevil](movie:47230), Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones, all to tie together in the end for a "Defenders" series on Netflix.

Marvel is also EXTREMELY upping their game with Phase three which you can see for yourself here.

Phase 3!! And It's AWESOME!!!
Phase 3!! And It's AWESOME!!!

Other than just money Movies, Marvel also has something that I believe DC doesn't, Character and Story development. Now, I know Hawkeye has no character development, and that is a point (especially since Hawkeye is my favorite avenger but their not doing Movie Justice). But look at Marvel, then look at DC. Again, the characters that DC has actual success with are Batman and Superman. They tried Jonah Hex, Green Lantern, and others but they didn't work. Do you know who the most popular character of 2014 was? A talking Tree that said three words on screen. Say it with me, "I AM GROOT!" I'll admit, the Dark Knight Trilogy was phenomenal (Dark Knight is actually my favorite movie), because they had great story and correct character development. But Man of Steel, good movie, not as good as it could have been. But personally, 2016 is going to be the best year, ever! Were going to see Batman vs. Superman in March, and Captain America vs. Iron Man in May! And DC is making a Suicide Squad movie, That's just AWESOME!! I think that DC will do amazing, I just think that Marvel will do better. But only time will tell.

All that said, DC does have a chance if they play their cards right. And with the Crisis rumors going around that they still might connect the TV and Movie universes (PLEASE WARNER BROTHERS!!!), they still have a chance, but by 2019, Marvel will have TWENTY-ONE Movies in their Cinematic Universe with DC at a nice 10 (which is subject to change).

In my opinion, the best way that I can see DC succeeding is a Crisis Storyline, connecting the TV universes like Arrow, Gotham, Flash, and Constantine. They could even connect past movies if they wanted to (which I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing). But if they had the Movies lead to a Crisis on Infinite Earths, fans of Arrow could see what they want. And the Flash has already teased the Crisis very strongly, and with all the Harrison Wells suspiciousness, I think they could pull that off very well! I am truly excited about DC, I'm just more excited about Marvel (But, If they do the Crisis, I'll be even more excited for DC!!!)

Crisis? Wayne? Red Skies? 2024? It's all adding up!
Crisis? Wayne? Red Skies? 2024? It's all adding up!

That's all for now folks! The battle will carry on and we still have 31 superhero movies over the next 6 years so I'm Exited!! I hope that this Article was interesting and intriguing to you!!

UPDATE!: In my first version, I just talked about Marvel's Money, and I meant to spread from that more I just didn't originally have time. Sorry if I wasted you time.


Does DC Have A Chance At Beating Marvel??


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