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Kris Vickers

When the official word came out that Agents of SHIELD was going to happen I was so giddy that Phil Coulson was to returning. Yet the lack of solid facts about the show itself nurtured the rumor mill to the max. My own theories were proven very wrong. (The show being a prequel to allow for a living Agent Coulson. And once it was announced that the show was to be present day: Coulson being a Life Model Decoy without knowing it.)

So when the show established itself as a powerhouse of original talent and that it could stand on its own as a spotlight on what normal people go through in the MCU before during and after the events of the blockbuster movies. I tried to think like a show runner and writer. How to make an engaging show that draws fans in week after week when there are no movies to link to, as well as making deep solid connections to those movies when they came around.

But I also understand that Marvel is the type of company that seems to have been waiting for the audience to accept a stoy arc that not only takes years to tell but must be told through several movies and through different formats as well.

Aside from the X-Files movie tying two seasons of the show together and at the same time piloting the show into a new direction, I can't think of any such attempt being made much less suceeding. AoS can be a testing ground for anything that Marvel wants data on. When I saw J. August Richards guest star I was on cloud 9! Charles Gunn is back on TV, I love Marvel! Just to watch him be turned into Deathlok? I was floored to say the least. I won't go into more current plot lines for fear of spoilers. But I can say there have been so many more B and C list Marvel characters that have either been mentions or featured.

This is solid storytelling within a TV show. World building from the bottom up, while in the MCU they have been building top down. From a creative standpoint this is the best of both worlds. The MCU catches the millions of moviegoers with the flashy CGI and amazing stories. While Agents of SHIELD shows what is the "typical mundane" day to day activities that occurs in the MCU. Yet this is after all the MCU I'm talking about here so even the daily routines can alter the status quo.

What I am hoping is that we are seeing the infancy of a groundbreaking new type of storytelling being tested on us fanboys and girls. Let's call all the faithful watchers of AoS the perfect focus group for Marvel to perfect what will become the newest plot twist, cameo, easter egg or supporting character in the next movie.

Personally I would be Marvel's test monkey for free, but they have somehow bamboozled me into paying them instead. (Not a complaint, just an ironic observation) I don't mind it so much because I am now part of the cool crowd instead of back in high school with my long boxes of bagged and boarded comics and zero social life. I'm now legion, I'm now geek and proud.

Marvel has polished up all of their skills to give us all cutting edge stories starring decades old characters. What I'm betting on is that Marvel's Phases have been only the beginning. We fans have been clamoring over each morsel of rumor turned fact or gossip turned false we can get to because each new detail is a possible new piece in the MCU puzzle. Even casual fans look forward to watching the newest trailer because of 5 more seconds of footage. Fandom is expanding in size and increasing in intensity. It's Moore's Law for geeks!

I happily accuse [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469) of being Marvel's secret weapon of mass destruction when it comes to our expectations. This simple little show is the pulse of the MCU and it all started when Agent Coulson flatlined.


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