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A few days ago a post on Moviepilot speculated after seeing The Mark of Zorro being advertised at a cinema where Batman VS Superman was being filmed heavily implied we'd see snippets of the Wayne murder scene, and set photos not yet covered here seem to back that up. They are now a couple of days old, but it's fairly solid confirmation we'll be getting the scene.

All of them are sourced from this album. We don't know for sure if they're 100% honest, but given the nature of them and other photos out there, it certainly seems likely. Enjoy.

In line with previous rumours, it's worth noting that one commenter pointed out that version of Thomas Wayne looked similar to actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan. That wouldn't hold any particularly special news unless we'd seen this several months ago, which seems to lend credibility to the suggestion.

We still don't know if this alleged portrait of Thomas Wayne is real or fake, or even where it's sourced from, only that it's a few months old. However, it does look like Jeffrey Dean Morgan, which is a curious coincidence if he is indeed playing Thomas Wayne in Dawn of Justice.

It's probably inevitable that people will suggest that they're tired of seeing the Wayne's murdered, but I disagree with such criticism. This is a new version of Batman in new, planned to be long lasting universe with the same Bruce Wayne featured, who we haven't even met or seen developed yet. To not give this Batman his own origin story would be a crime in itself. Besides, if Zack Snyder chose to omit this, I imagine people would just use that as a means to complain. Done well, this scene will develop Bruce Wayne and ground him in humanity quickly and brutally, something we might need given this Batman is going to be a lot colder and more detached.

This movie is drawing inspiration here and there from The Dark Knight Returns. It's not based off it by any means, but little bits of dialogue, hints at certain scenes and certain directing moves will likely nod to it. We've seen hints at a cemetery scene and a tomb for the Waynes; a pairing of TDKR scene and another familiar scene wherein Bruce runs to his parents' graves and begs for help may be combined for the film.

Given the inspiration from the film, I don't think we'll see a full origin story. I think we'll see snippets here and there in flashbacks culminating in their deaths. Here's the similarly styled Wayne murder scene from the animated version of The Dark Knight Returns, done in flashbacks.

Now, enjoy the several month old compilation of all the times we've seen the most iconic origin story adapted to screen, whether animated or in live action.


How do you think we'll see the Wayne Murder done?


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