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Some say Stanley Kubrick had a 200 IQ. What I'm trying to say is, the guy was a genius. And then he decided to be a filmmaker. These two facts put together start a series of events that lead to the best films I could ever imagine watching.

For you to understand my amusement while discovering the world of Kubrick, I'd like you to know that I like reading absolutely NOTHING about a movie before watching it, and I haven't nor I will ever watch a trailer before watching the entire movie (I like to follow the story from the perspective of the screenwriter without being manipulated by the trailer... or some kind of hipster-ish shit I came up with when I was like 10 years old, afterwards it just became a habit and I guess I like it that way).

So you can imagine my surprise when I, being a 12 year old girl living in a third world spanish speaking caribbean island, decided to watch good movies. I read the name "A Clockwork Orange" somewhere, and without a clue about the film industry, the book, who Stanley Kubrick was or what the movie was about, hit play. I had no clue about the world I was getting into.

Afterwards, it is obvious I started watching everything with the name "Kubrick" on it. And I must admit I understood so little of it (I guess we all still do), and the only thing I knew was that I was hypnotized.

I think 'amazed' could be a good word to start describing my first emotions.. After that, it was just basically a roller-coaster, a trip, a conversation between the screen and I. Thing is, that the screen was the one talking and it felt like I just kept nodding.

I felt understood. Some human that existed once, managed to put together films that I had no idea were already in my heart, before me even planning to watch them. And there he was: showing it to me, just softly teaching me stuff that I didn't know someone else got about me before me being even born. He managed to show whatever he felt to all of us, to take it outside of him, from an abstract thought or emotion to something possible. All of it while making poetry with the movement of a camera or the empty space in a room, the corner on the eye of an actor. It all meant something.

And he just knew ahead of us. Back then, he could watch us today, still tearing up a little bit at the thought of its genius while watching his movies. And I think he'd be laughing at all of us, because the thing is that even if we think we do, we will never ever get all of it. There is still so much to understand about him and his language. Oh but HE did got US, and he didn't even try.


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